Group D - England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic - UEFA Euro 2020 Preview

Watch – Group D – England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic – UEFA Euro 2020 Preview

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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

With kick-off to Euro2020 fast approaching, we preview each group and ask – what can we expect from these teams? We analyze Group D with an unpredictable …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Group D – England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic – UEFA Euro 2020 Preview and credited to Tifo Football. Viewing time is 00:07:15, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Thanks I work for the English FA under Gareth Southgates staff. I will be sure to use the information displayed in this video to inform Southgate on the tactics we should employ. Much appreciated

  2. It wouldn't surprise me that much if Croatia end up winning the group and England finish 2nd but also at the same time England have a better squad than the last World Cup for sure, they have a bunch of exciting young players mixed in with a bit of experience aswell so there's no excuse for England to finished 3rd. Will be interesting to see how our Man City and Chelsea players influence the team after being missing from the friendlies.

  3. Scotland have 2 good positions. Left back and central midfield. We have 3 excellent midfielders and a bunch of good support. We even have a half decent forward in Nisbet.

  4. Scotland have a lack of depth in central midfield??? Did this guy actually do any research. It's the biggest problem area due to having too many great players to choose from in central midfield. This midfield can, and will dominate most teams…….you'll see very soon 😉

  5. No one in the comments even mentioning Croatia. That shows continuous lack of respect towards a great football team and nation.

  6. Group D :
    ?? Croatia : Runner Up FIFA World Cup 2018
    ?gbeng England : 4th Place FIFA World Cup 2018.
    By : M.Djorgie

  7. I am from Croatia, England has amazing players and we are expecting a hard 90 minutes, let the better team and the beauty of football win…???????? Lets go Croatia

  8. This is amazing. Someone who knows what they talking about and does a proper analysis. Makes a change lol refreshing

  9. i feel like my country Croatia isnt as strong as it was in the 2018 world cup and i donr have high expectations but i do expect finishing 2nd in the group, and getting knocked out in quarterfinals

  10. Disappointment when the England section isn’t just Joe saying “all you need to know about England in the Euros is that it’s coming home”

  11. Great video however, I disagree with the statement that Scotland lack depth in midfield with Gilmour, Fleck, Christie and Armstrong being good options

  12. That's an awful group. Just awful. Awful, awful, awful. England won't like being shoved into that group either. Boy, oh boy, that's a group of doom.

  13. I’m sorry but our (Scotland’s) weakness isn’t midfielders, it’s the 2 center backs.

  14. I love the rise of fan driven football content, and competing with the has-been ex player pundits. But here, in this video, you didnt give 'the fans' a good image. Saying that about Scotland was detrimental.

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