23 YEARS OF HURT... NOT LONG NOW! UEFA Euro 2020 Build Up (Glasgow, Scotland)

Watch – 23 YEARS OF HURT… NOT LONG NOW! UEFA Euro 2020 Build Up (Glasgow, Scotland)

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UEFA EURO 2020 is just around the corner and Scotland are about to play in their first tournament since the World Cup on 1998. Hampden Park will be a host …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled 23 YEARS OF HURT… NOT LONG NOW! UEFA Euro 2020 Build Up (Glasgow, Scotland) and credited to Footy Adventures. Viewing time is 00:11:38, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Zaire is the country he was thinking of, and is now known as the Congo.

    Most of the black players in the Belgium team are from that country incidentally.

  2. Just a shame it's not full stadiums England v Scotland would be fantastic with full house I am sure there be enough noise inside and outside to make up for it ????????????????

  3. When I got this years Scotland strip I 100% had to get no.7 printed on it for John McGinn. Top man and got the best goal of qualifying?

  4. Pretty mental that someone that looks as old as he does has never seen Scotland in a finals, and I don't mean that as an attack. I remember 96, McCoist with a belter of a goal, game was the same time as England v Netherlands, England winning 4-0 so looked like we were through… Then Kluivert with a late goal. France 98 wasn't so close.

  5. I don't need to explain myself that much but any loyal though & though rangers bears & Bearettes wouldn't wear or support the Scottish national team and that's all stopped at 2012 that's a fact ?????????????

  6. John McGinn is some player. I've seen what he has done at my club. The Villa fans love him. I hope he and Scotland go far, just not as far as England. I'm genuinely pleased to see Scotland back in a major tournament.

  7. I doubt this will be sustainable in the future though. Scottish football has been in decline since the 1980s. The 1960s saw more scots than english in Premier league level clubs like Man United. We used to export talent and now due Bosman we import it. Most top Scottish born players grew up in the youth teams they played for (not coached here). We've got a slowly dying football culture in Scotland where boys clubs focuss on skills over wins. A middle class government that would see the original routes of football squashed as part of their social clensing of the working class. We've got something to be hopeful for, but unless we've got another set of premiership players with scottish parents or grandparents then we've got no chance.

  8. I think Scotland will qualify. Scotland have 10 players who play in the English Premier League, are at home for 2 games out of 3 and have only lost 2 of their last 16 games. Scotland have never lost to Croatia and have won their last 3 games against the Czech Republic.

  9. Fuck the Scottish boy was half the size on his rangers channel you on the roids or burgers… and maroco had hadji chippo naybet and a few more they were a good team hadji was class proved it in the premiership

  10. The Morocco game result and the 23 years in the wilderness is due to 1 man Uri Geller, thankfully we have finally broken the curse of Uri Geller

  11. History tells us Scotland will not make it past the group stage and England will get knocked out in the 2nd round. That's my prediction.

  12. I have to disagree with div slightly when he said everyone will come together that's not gonna happen I've seen a lot of people saying they won't be supporting Scotland….I'm in that bracket but I've also seen people saying they will but as a rangers fan like div I'm not gonna say he shouldn't support Scotland as a rangers fan if you want to support them do if u don't then that's Ur opinion too

  13. If England can't beat Scotland at least 3-0 then they might as well not even be there. They qualify so easily nowadays that they don't even celebrate.

  14. Alan Shields
    South Lanarkshire

    My last Tournament memory involving Scotland was loseing to
    Morocco in Saint Etienne in 1998
    3 – 0 I was absolutely devastated it's one of only two times I have actually cried after a football match I was so convinced we would win & go though that night I remember listening to it on Radio Scotland it was not even live on T.V think
    The B.B.C whare to busy showing
    The England game.

    The last Scotland game I was at
    Was Scotland – 1 Slovenia 0 when Scotland Scored the players celebrated right in front of the corner me & my Girlfriend Carol where in
    Gordon Strachan was the Manager at the time.

    I also follow Scotland in
    Rugby Union aswell.

    My favourite current Scotland players are Billy Gilmour &
    & Kieran Tierney.

    All time I would say in my life time
    Andy Goram & Jim Leighton
    I cant not puck Jim Leighton as he is from the same village as me & his Mum was the midwife when I was born in 1981 always wanted to be a goalkeeper when we used to play football in the park as a Wayne.

    Jack Grealish was mentioned in
    the vlog I see him as a modern day
    Gazza but not quite as good as Gazza in terms of both being maverick genus with the ball & haveing no clearly defined position on the pitch basically being given freedom to play where they like.

    I honestly think Europe is going to
    see a Viking invasion at these Euro's in The shape of Denmark
    The Sons of Ragnar will rise again
    ( Vikings series reference I could not resist that one.

    Keep Safe
    This Channel is rocking all over the world as the Channel continues to grow Keep up The Good work Sam.

    Keep Safe.

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