PEP AND GUNDOGAN PRESS CONFERENCE | Man City v Chelsea | UEFA Champions League Final

Watch – PEP AND GUNDOGAN PRESS CONFERENCE | Man City v Chelsea | UEFA Champions League Final

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Pep and Gundogan speak to the press ahead of Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final clash against Chelsea in Estádio do Dragão in Porto, Portugal.

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled PEP AND GUNDOGAN PRESS CONFERENCE | Man City v Chelsea | UEFA Champions League Final and credited to Man City. Viewing time is 00:35:50, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. You can see the constant manipulation in the premier league against Chelsea in favor of the Manchester Clubs, if you see Sky and BT you will notice the bias against Chelsea strikers like Timo, Torres, and Diego Costa before. The only thing that helped Costa from the constant attack to his confidence from the manipulated media criticism was that he didn't know English. But it is ridiculous the actual criticism insinuating lack of abilities or intelligent decisions during the games from Werner when at the same time from the same kind of situations of off sides, missed goal opportunities because in milliseconds he cant avoid the ball impact his arm, etc. they attack their abilities but not the same kind of negative euphoria is shown by those channels against their promoted players of Manchester and Chelsea itself like -Mason Mount, when they choose to keep mute and assume those same situations as normal parts of the game. We Chelsea supporters are feed up with the manipulated and biased opinions from TV channels against our foreign strikers, and we are also feed up with the manipulated VAR decisions against Chelsea … See this… @? (the link to another YouTube video is blocked!!! Why? Is this normal? or only happens to me? somebody please post a link and see if it is accepted in your comment, and tell me please if it goes trough?) I hope all Chelsea fans agree with defend all our players against the constant attack against their own confidence and mental manipulation from the corrupt Media!

  2. No sterling??…u see pep understood why we used to fail the past chanpions leagues ..but for now that young talent FODEN ?without him in the team hard to win….

    Bring for us the champions league?? …the neighbouring team continued their drought last night??????

  3. this city team is the best in the world ,they will surely win the champions league and kdb will win balon d'or,??????

  4. We need the team in it's full mode. Gundo controlling the ball, KDB distributing the ball, Mahrez dazzling with the ball and Foden scoring the ball

  5. Both teams are incredible players and are the same chance for winnig the game.
    The Better head coach betwin tuchel or GUARDIOLA will won the final cup

  6. Come on Manchester city play like you guys did in the last match of the season against Everton

  7. 47 million Algerians, all of them support Manchester City against Chelsea for the sake of Riyad Mahrez, as well as half of the Arab and Islamic sports fans support City for Riyad Mahrez. The final score is 3 = 1 in favor of Manchester City. I hope Riad Mehrez will score two goals or at least one by Majid from Algeria..

  8. ALL professional sports are scripted right to the box score!!! Gematria Effect Sports PROVES this 100%!!!

  9. Journalists need to learn to ask questions. Obv english is not peps first language and asking him a question with compound sentences in an english accent is not going to get you the answers you want. Keep it short and simple.

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