HOW TO PLAY EURO 2020 FANTASY FOOTBALL | Animated Guide, Rules & Pro Tips

Watch – HOW TO PLAY EURO 2020 FANTASY FOOTBALL | Animated Guide, Rules & Pro Tips

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This is the only video you will need to watch if you want to play Fantasy Football for EURO 2020. Where to find the app, where to find the website, how to select …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled HOW TO PLAY EURO 2020 FANTASY FOOTBALL | Animated Guide, Rules & Pro Tips and credited to FPL Mate. Viewing time is 00:18:17, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. I feel you don't quite cover the live subs rule to its full power strategically here.
    It has been the case for all of the past fantasy games that you want to have some or most of your marquee players playing late on the gameweek, coming in for cheaper options who have played early. The captain rule throws a spanner in the works, but overall it is very effective to priotitise strong players from late groups, playing on different days. To fasilitate this, cheap options are much better picked from early playing teams. Hope this makes sense!

  2. Seems there are no points for ball recoveries like in UEFA Champions League Fantasy!

  3. I click on "Create team" but then it doesn't go to the correct screen!! Is it because I am logging in from Thailand ??

  4. Dan – it’s just amazing how well you can explain things and make people understand it ?

  5. If we change our captains on a particular day of a single matchday. For Ex I choose Immobile for the Italy game and I change it Lukaku on Belgium game will I still get Immobile's point aswell or only Lukaku's points or both of them? Pls an

  6. Hi Dan just want to know if my captain in first game Italy vs turkey does well with good points n I changed the captain for match next will my points vl be added.

  7. I had the champions league fantasy and you got points for winning the ball back 3 times so putting in defensive midfielders was actually good so i was wondering if that is the same on this

  8. Is there any ceiling / restriction on the number of bench players to be swapped to playing XI in a single day of a gamweek in EURO2020?
    Or can we swap all 4 at a time?

  9. So you can’t make transfers mid match day so if I wanted to change immobile for Kane I cldnt do that?

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