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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled FIRST DRAFT TEAM | Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips and credited to Let’s Talk FPL. Viewing time is 00:19:21, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. So what do we think then – marks out of 10? Make sure to hit that like and subscribe button if you're enjoying Euros content!

  2. i feel like diego llorente for leeds will start in spain defence , had c.ronaldo in his pocket recently enough

  3. Get Zieli?ski out of your team – he's good playing for Napoli but rubbish for National Team.

  4. I’m not too sure about the Netherlands. Frank De Boer is a terrible manager and I could easily see them getting knocked out early.

  5. Hey there, very nice video. I know I can change captain everyday and swap players in every day, but can I change formation everyday aswell or is the formation from day one locked the rest of the round and can only change players inside the formation? 🙂

  6. Someone knows if u have this 2 transfers and u will keep this (match day 1) then I have 4 in (match day 2)?

  7. Hi.. please talk about insigne vs chiesa. Thoughts on going with yilmaz vs Italian defender. Bale as a midfielder option. Best budget midfielders and defenders except for the one in your squad

  8. I’m not sure whether Wijndal or Krul will start though. Cillessen is our #1 goalkeeper & Wijndal could be replaced by Blind

  9. When I finished my squad it told me to sign it to save it, but when I do it just takes me to a blank page, what should I do?

  10. This is where it pays off playing Fantasy Bundesliga because you can set up your team and captain for those that play first and then move them out or switch the captaincy if they don't do well enough. That's always risk in doing this, but if you have top players yet to play then it's often with the risk. The way you select your squad because of this is different to FPL, it's an extra dimension to think about when thinking about players to bring in because flexibility is sometimes more important than the players you choose, because if they all play at the same time then you don't have the option to move players in and out or move the captaincy, except to maybe lesser players.

    I also think there's a lot of bias in the players you are selecting if you don't keep an eye on other leagues around Europe. In this selection picking de Jong I feel is just because you've heard of him because he plays in the Premier League rather than evaluating him against similarly priced players who play in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, or elsewhere, that and players that played in the Europa League final. I think quite a bit of research is needed to know who plays regularly for their countries and not just someone who does win the Europa League, but finished in 7th place in La Liga. It's an ok first tentative stab though and you do say it will change so I'll let you off for now!!!

  11. Thanks Andy, this is really helpful to get my head round this game looking forward to playing & you have given me ideas for my squad. Plus I have joined your league let's go!

  12. This is where epl fantasy farmers get seperated from people with real football knowledge about more than 1 league

  13. gameweek 3 seems the best time to free hit; italy, netherlands, belgium, spain and germany all with the weakest team in the group
    2 has russia, ukraine and sweden with very viable options, then you want england and france players, much less benefit from the unlimited value

  14. As a Poland fan, I recommend Jozwiak instead of Zielinski if youre looking for a Poland player

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