EURO 2020 FANTASY IS LIVE | Thoughts, Rules and Strategy Tips

Watch – EURO 2020 FANTASY IS LIVE | Thoughts, Rules and Strategy Tips

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled EURO 2020 FANTASY IS LIVE | Thoughts, Rules and Strategy Tips and credited to Let’s Talk FPL. Viewing time is 00:22:19, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. would limitless match day 2 then wildcard for semi finals be a good shout, because some teams might rotate players for match day 3 if they are already threw to round of 16

  2. Over 4 match days, can we keep a player from first day as captain for the 2 match days & then change around 3rd or 4th day?…

  3. Anyone doing the Anti Andy challenge (beat Andy without owning any of the players he own)? ?

  4. Boy am I glad that this is basically the same set up as UCL fantasy. Just finished my first year of UCL fantasy. The key tips are to select a full 15 players so you can sub as needed and to wait till the last minute because if Im not mistaken they allow subs and transfers (before the first game of the week) until kickoff time.

  5. yo Andy love the content. crazy amount of rules! if you manually sub a player off and then your sub doesnt start can that player be auto subbed back in, bench position depending ofc?

  6. Would all the players you Captain get double points then? So if I captained lukaku then subbed him out for Ronaldo latter in the week would they both get double points?

  7. When changing a captain, do u have to completely sub them off or can u change captain between days in a single match day without making a sub

  8. You were begging for subscribers for 150k so I unsubscribed. Make good content and subscribers will come. Resubscribed for recent great content ??

  9. Hi how could you ever want a break from football, people who love football would want it 12 months a year.??

  10. Thanks to captain & manual subs, we will see Andy's team selection daily – isn't that just a beautiful sight. All the best Andy.

  11. Do defenders lose their clean sheet points if the score is nil nil at 90 mins plus any additional time but they then concede a goal in extra time?

  12. Worst part of international fantasy is in the 3rd group games some teams field complete second string 11's as they are already through. It totally ruins the game.

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