EURO 2020 FANTASY FOOTBALL | Some of the BEST Transfers to Make | TIPS & GUIDE!

Watch – EURO 2020 FANTASY FOOTBALL | Some of the BEST Transfers to Make | TIPS & GUIDE!

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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

Looking at some of the best transfers to make for Matchday 1.

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled EURO 2020 FANTASY FOOTBALL | Some of the BEST Transfers to Make | TIPS & GUIDE! and credited to Capkin FPL. Viewing time is 00:28:29, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. So many players that´s missing from the game and players that wont bee at the European Championship. Because the team selection happens this week.

  2. Mendy from France is not called up for euros, you can switch him for kimpembe who will be a starter with varane

  3. Ibrahimovic and Reus won’t play at the Euro, just as a heads-up 😉 Hradecky should start for Finland as a goalkeeper, not the 4.5M one you looked at. Hradecky is a great deal for 4M.

  4. Not seeing any teams with zinchenko in hes play attacking mid for ukraine and is down as a defender

  5. Skrinier from Slovakia is a good defensive prospect at 5m. He has secured a good goalscoring tally recently. Also, Krul is not going to start for the Netherlands, Cilessen is. Same with Finland. Hradecky is the likely starter though at 4m. He has got a decent chance to provide at least 1 clean sheet in the group stages. Overall, good video, mate. Keep it up! ??

  6. You basically only know the EPL players, like most of us, lol.
    Still, the comments might help.
    I look forward to the remake!

  7. Burak Y?lmaz's career started as a midfielder and continued as a wingback and started playing striker with trabzonspor in 2011. he is a unique forward and is now leading the lille team to the championship. Burak Y?lmaz is not as good as a lukaku or ronaldo, but there is no more dangerous player than a Burak with the support of 90 million Turks. He is a player who plays with his heart for his country and earns a lot. ????

  8. Tip: if u want to have portugal, france, or germany player but not sure about who will be a good choice, save 1 slot for one of them. Transfer in whoever is gonna play against hungary (no offense but that's their best chance to deliver)

  9. I actually wouldn't risk picking any England players until they release the squads for them

  10. Great Video!

    Can you change your captain each day of the matchday if the player you put it on blanks? So for Matchday 1 set it on a player who plays on the 11th June (Blanks) then 12th (Blanks) then 13th (Blanks) etc or is there a limit of times you can move the captaincy?

  11. What about Borna Barisic of Croatia? 4.5m for Croatia’s first choice left back looks like a steal

  12. My team lads give me ur opinions please
    Kane (C) Lukaku Benzema
    De Bruyne Alaba Mount Olmo
    Barisic Dias Wijndal

    Subs: Hradecky, Patterson, Denayer, Négo

    I’m happy with my XI but not with my bench, do u think it needs to be stronger or just leave it?

  13. Keepers from the Netherlands is probably a good option cause they have a really easy group so consider them!!!

  14. did you find out who the player from wales that is listed as a mid but plays as a striker?!?

  15. Kieran Tierney is a steal for 5 mil 3 assist in his last two games for Scotland and Czech Republic ?? in first game Match day 1

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