UEFA confirms Wembley capacity for Euro 2020

Watch – UEFA confirms Wembley capacity for Euro 2020

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Bryan Swanson updates us on the stadium capacities for Euro 2020. #SkySportsNews #SkySports #Euro2020 More from Sky Sports on YouTube: ? Sky Sports …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled UEFA confirms Wembley capacity for Euro 2020 and credited to Sky Sports News. Viewing time is 00:03:49, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Because hey, covid can’t spread during the semi finals and finals. It only spreads are earlier stages.

  2. What’s going on with Dublin then? That venue having a definite zero fans? Would be nice for UEFA to refund tickets then wouldn’t it….

  3. Football brings people together when people are together people are powerful the elite don't want this!!!!

  4. Dublin, you are joking! We cannot even travel beyond 5km of our homes until April 12. UEFA are absolute idiots.

  5. I got tickets for my birthday a year ago but I can’t go now as it’s too much of a risk as if you don’t get the tickets then you loose your money. Disgraceful ??

  6. Not sure how Budapest can assure 100% capacity when at this moment Hungary is rife with covid.

    I'm not sure how anyone can assure anything at this stage and I'm not sure why UEFA would ask stadia to do so.

  7. Wembley should be full for the final no reason why not with UK vaccination program. The shared euros is pretty good if people can’t travel in the summer.

  8. The whole tournament should be in Britain and Ireland. multiple countries is a stupid concept in the first place.

  9. May as well just cancel it waste of time football is about atmosphere togetherness banter a few beers won’t be the same

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