England vs. Poland reaction: Are John Stones & Harry Maguire good enough to win Euro 2020? | ESPN FC

Watch – England vs. Poland reaction: Are John Stones & Harry Maguire good enough to win Euro 2020? | ESPN FC

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England prevail 2-1 against Poland, but it wasn’t without a few question marks. Following John Stones’ calamitous error for England vs. Poland, ESPN FC’s …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled England vs. Poland reaction: Are John Stones & Harry Maguire good enough to win Euro 2020? | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN UK. Viewing time is 00:04:49, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Stones has improved but he ain't anywhere near as good as ruben dias this season who is one of the main contenders for player of the season so if you play alongside dias you will look like a better player in my opinion?

  2. Imagine if Maguire made that Stones mistake , Craig would've insulted Maguire like anything. But yeah it's Stones so he's excused ?. Craig is so biased towards man city's players. I bet Craig was playing in today's era then Maguire would've bullied him bad.

  3. A guy with 4 relegations to his name and another who barely is starting to look like a quality player? Lol

  4. Even if they are good enough these pundits will be here two weeks later criticizing them after one mistake

  5. The problem is southgate he's playing such lame dry defensive football when's he's got an abundance of attacking talents at his disposal unless the manager changes to a more exciting charismatic manager who wants to play expansive football we'll never see the best out of this england team, stones and maguire may not be good enough but they are still fairly decent imo

  6. If you want england to succeed you must not criticize your players,instead support them(sorry my english)

  7. When playing, were you people as perfect as you are demanding right now? These players are also made of proper bones, blood and flesh, so yeah! they can make mistakes too. Albeit, I know and heard of many players of 90's and first decade of this millennia, but never even heard of your names until I started watching this show. In-fact, I had to google you. TBH anynone not watching this show, would not know you pundits.

  8. Italy is backkkkk. Look out for them. Germany isn’t the same since 2018 they need new coach and motivation and calling of muller hummels and boateng. Italy on the other hand are great team. They impressed me the most.

  9. We have too many ball playing centre backs and too many offensive full backs. We need more natural defenders like Wan Bissaka and Tomori.

  10. I think Stones and Joe Gomez Will be better. But Gomez is injured now. Honestly, I prefer Eric Dier to Maguire

  11. Rice was excellent. All action. Good passing mount was good again. Foden completed 40 of his 40 passes

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