Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! ??gbeng

Watch – Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! ??gbeng

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! ??gbeng and credited to Sky Sports Football. Viewing time is 00:34:26, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. A back 5 made in Manchester by Gary Neville
    And Jamie sneaking in Merseyside, questionable

  2. Jamie saying German league is a higher level than premier is a terrible statement. Also when he said you had your say but couldn’t give Gary the chance without piping up and interrupting get real you idiot ?

  3. Foden is better than Mount in the premier league this season, to me the midfield is Foden, Henderson and Phillips. No debate. Foden controls the whole match in nearly every man city match, often overshadowed by kevin and ilkay, he is the the most skilled youngster in the prem right now. I know he does not often play in the mid for city, but he is a world class mid player. Foden has scored some really important goals for man city especially in the CL. I think he could be the man to bring it home for England.

  4. Jamie picks two Liverpool players. Surprise, surprise. The most biased person on the channel. A disgrace.

  5. neville chatting absolute garbage! Maguire more important than Kane, this guy is a liability and a fridge at the back allow it

  6. I’m surprised nobody giving chance to AWB best 1 v 1 defender in the world shame on you England

  7. I think all this really highlights is how much Vardy is missed from this squad, I’d personally put him in over Kane all day every day but his under use in the last World Cup was a real misfire

  8. Carragher: why should we accept Croatia will have more of the ball?
    Also Carragher: picks Mount, Rice and Henderson against a team that has Modric, Kovacic and Brozovic???

  9. Though I agree with what Gary says about Greenwood, it's a shame that nobody noted that the reason he's likely not playing (the Iceland incident) should also apply to Phil Foden. I don't think either should be exempt for that breach, but at least be consistent with your punishments

  10. Ad take AWB as a solid right back and stick Walker CB with stones or maguire for pace and strength

  11. I'm not in the Sterling-bashing club but he's had a poor season and poor recent form, don't get why anyone would think he's a nailed-on starter. I hope I'm wrong because when he's on it, he's outstanding

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