"VERY TOUGH" | Zinedine Zidane Reaction to UEFA Champions League Draw | Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Watch – "VERY TOUGH" | Zinedine Zidane Reaction to UEFA Champions League Draw | Real Madrid vs Liverpool

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Sporati on UEFA Champions League 2020’s video summary and description

Zinedine Zidane has reacted to drawing Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Zidance’s Real Madrid side will host Liverpool in the first leg …

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This UEFA Champions League 2020’s video is titled "VERY TOUGH" | Zinedine Zidane Reaction to UEFA Champions League Draw | Real Madrid vs Liverpool and credited to Blood Red: Liverpool FC. Viewing time is 00:01:20, enjoy our fellow UEFA Champions League 2020 fans!


  1. Liverpool will go through, benzema can't do it alone on offense , vasquez and mendy are a joke on defense. varane and courtois choke in big games .

  2. It’s just satisfying watching the player return from injuries tge satisfying part is prem is not starting after 1 week and the players could be back stronger who agrees ?

  3. If we were at full strength he would be more worried. We will need all of our organisation at the back to defend well. We can win this.

  4. I fucking knew we would get RM! Lets swamp them in MF and get Gini Fab Hendo Keita Thiago Ox all FIT and ready!!! TAA and Robbo attacking Ramos et al hopefully Mane is rested… Jota will be firing… we are better than the side that lost to RM with Karius… we now have a chance with Alisson and Fab Hendo Keita Gini… we've just got a weakened defence without VVD right now…. when is matip back again? or are our experienced defenders out for the remaining? i know VVD and Gomez arent likely but if we have Matip able to lead it would be a plus

  5. Make us dream boys we now you can don't forget we are liverpool this means more come on you red men YNWA…

  6. Liverpool have a score to settle with Real Madrid after Kiev. Whilst there may not be any loyal Liverpool supporters able to attend the matches – I hope the The Reds will have the greater motivation and passion to avenge the cruel disappointnent of 2018..Come On You Reds…

  7. last time the game was unfair,Real played with 12 men (Karius) and we played with almost 10 man because Salah was injured.I do have concern about our defence but we shouldn't forget that our attacking quartret is still among the best in the world and with the return of Fabinho in the mid,we have a great midfield of Thiago-Fabinho-Gini

  8. One thing me know, when Liverpool cannot win the primer league, euro club! Watch out for the champions, we are a different animal in this competition.

  9. Whether we win the Champions League or not that's besides the point we have to get Madrid out and ramos back for what he did to Salah.

  10. I'm worried about the reffing tbh. Saw the video of Real vs Atalanta, ref blew the HT whistle one second before Muriel could take a shot when he was alone in front of Courtois.

  11. Liverpool fans here calm down you playing the giants of Europe, we gonna smash you guys as always gala Madrid

  12. Madrid must be licking there lips looking at our centre backs.
    Our defence isn't good enough for the big boy's top attackers will punish any little mistake we make at the back. From now on its only Elite teams and attackers

  13. This season there is VAR, When Salah was sent off due to the injury, Ramos didn't even get booked RED. NO VAR.. THIS SEASON VAR WONT SAVE MADRID

  14. Real madrid is going to get their ass whooped by liverpool mehn I feel for Zidane after clashing out of UEFA Champions League at the hands of liverpool Zidane could be sacked?

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