Is Italy the dark-horse contender to win Euro 2020? | ESPN FC

Watch – Is Italy the dark-horse contender to win Euro 2020? | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison, Ian Darke, Shaka Hislop and Stewart Robson share their thoughts on the favourites for Euro 2020. Robson says he’s been watching …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Is Italy the dark-horse contender to win Euro 2020? | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN UK. Viewing time is 00:05:23, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. 0:02 these ratios are horrible. Seriously, how can someone be serious of thinking that England is the major favourite of the tournament. Have they seen The squads of Belgium and France?

  2. Despite the pundits disdain of England, I think they are the favs for the tournament. Most frightening forward line with a balanced mf of rice Henderson and foden and an array of fullbacks. Portugal looks good as well, definitely an upgrade over the 2016 side. Not sure about France, think it was a mistake to just pick one dm, and picking 3 no 9 doesn't seem to make sense. Belgium df is a question mark. Ger and Italy are dark horses. So for me 1) eng 2) por 3) fra 4) bel 5) ger 6) ita

  3. Who ever wins the Eurovision song contest does well in the football. Greece 2004, portugal 2016 Italy. The winner is France or Italy.

  4. Where are they getting these odds? The English bookies have England as favorites but that’s not true throughout the rest of Europe…

  5. Too much focus on the qualifiers. Teams play very different in the tournament. France has the same team they did 2 years ago. Croatia is still quite good.

  6. France and Belgium have a very good chance. Germany, Italy, and Spain have a chance. England… less of a chance but it’s not impossible.

  7. Over The years i Watched these so called experts and I can say with confidence they cant predict much!! They were wrong most of The times! Anything is possible in sports! Screw your stats! If you are so right why didnt you pick villareal to win Europa league! You all went For united, totenhams arsenal Milan and guess what you were wrong on all of them!! I hope macedonia denmark or croatia wins euro!! ???

  8. Italians are strong under mancini they ve improved last 2 years, especially the defenders of italy

  9. Wouldnt like to back France,Portugal or Germany cos of the group,can easily not even qualify.

  10. For everyone that says that for Italy was easy to win with the national teams that he has beaten: we won against Netherlands (with maybe some of the greatest players in the world), we have beaten Bosnia and Poland that are on the same level as Ucraine and North Macedonia that won and draw with Germany or France and also we have defeated Greece that draw with Spain… So? Why those teams are better than us? They had worse results than us! So stfu and go Italy????????

  11. if Italy get through from the group stage as 1st place it will good thing for them but they will not get the title
    I think England will take the title

  12. Italy is never a dark horse. They always have the pieces to win. Just depends on effort and a little luck with the draw

  13. Please stop saying Italy will win. Italy for sure will lose all matches???? England will win for sure the Euro20 as they have done with an infinite number of multiple international competitions till now. If you are reading this comment you and your team have already won Euro 2020 ?

  14. I really don't understand how England is supposed to be a favorite ahead of France, Portugal and Belgium

  15. And so the hype starts regarding England winning a major tournament, once again!! Oh dear!!

    The following is a list of a some of the European teams, that have been in a major final, i.e. the World Cup and/or the Euros.

    Germany = 14 finals
    Italy = 9 finals
    France = 6 finals
    Spain = 5 finals
    Netherlands = 4 finals
    Soviet Union = 4 finals
    Czechoslovakia = 3 finals
    Portugal = 2 finals
    Hungary = 2 finals
    Yugoslavia = 2 finals
    Denmark = 1 final
    Belgium = 1 final
    Croatia = 1 final
    Greece = 1 final
    England = 1 final

    The above says it all!! ?

  16. I’m 23 and an England fan and I cannot remember any tournament that I’ve ever been vaguely confident going into

    Like I’m actually racking my brain…


    Nah there’s honestly none

    This is about as confident as I’ve been mind. That’s not saying much though

  17. Belgium and Italy Both went 10-0 in the euro qualifiers. Just saying. Italy scored 34+ goals in qualification with only 4 goals conceded. Donnarumma is killing it with 7 shutouts and the man is only 22. Amazing !

  18. Italy has always been Dark horses, even though we won four World Cups, we are never highly regarded. I think it's based on jeleousy, in the last one, we beat the Great Belgium's, the amazing Spain and Germany still could not beat us in 90 mins! People take the Mick out of them, only beating weak teams, lol, that was not this case as mentioned above.

  19. IMHO, Italy play well every time the team have serious problems. It may seem like good luck, but I think they give their best only when they are under pressure ?

  20. I'll watch men's sports no time to watch grown men falling down crying like little bitches …..I used to love soccer , when it was a man's sport

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