HOW TO STICK in Panini EURO 2020 Stickers!!

Watch – HOW TO STICK in Panini EURO 2020 Stickers!!

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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

#GotGotNeed #Euro2020 #PaniniStickers In today’s video I open 5 packs of Panini Euro 2020 stickers and stick each of them into my album- talking you through …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled HOW TO STICK in Panini EURO 2020 Stickers!! and credited to GBW. Viewing time is 00:11:42, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Great video GBW love you and my real name is Tom I’m just using my mums account and I’ve almost completed the premier league cards

  2. I found the UEFA EURO 2020 STICKERS ??????????????????????????PS I found the KEVEN DE BRUNYE MASTER CARD and I found them in Ireland gbw

  3. U could save a box for years to come and then do a box review of the this collection just a idea 🙂

  4. I want to see how far you are a way so I know how long it will be until the cards will come near me not you hiuse number or street Like Middlesbrough or Lester like that type

  5. Do You know when these stickers are released in other countries, because I can only find Them on Paninis british webside?

  6. im sticking in some of my stickers whilst wacthing this. i got the hard back one i i broght a box of 100. i have a bit of a mess.

  7. Not a great collection compared to previous tournament releases but I will still collect it nonetheless

  8. I struggle a lot to stick in stickers so in the end I just stick it to my forehead and use my body as an album

  9. 90p a pack is ridiculous. I get inflation and everything but i remember only 7 years ago for the 2014 world cup they were only 50p

  10. Me and my dad have been collecting the panini stickers for World Cup and Euros since Brazil 2014. We just bought the album for this one yesterday! We have gotten 100% in all of them

  11. In previous collections I've stuck them quite wonky, this year I'm gonna try to stick them as neat as possible?

  12. Hey GBW whats better between a hard and soft cover album. Because Yesterday I ordered a soft album and there are already scratches on the cover.

  13. @GBW do you know if they are making the update tin for the premier league sticker collection

  14. Enjoyed the video mate! Also where’s the best place online for swaps? Started this collection a few days ago and already got a pile of stickers id be keen to get rid of

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