EURO 2020 STICKERS!! | SPECIAL DELIVERY from PANINI! (first look!!)

Watch – EURO 2020 STICKERS!! | SPECIAL DELIVERY from PANINI! (first look!!)

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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

#GotGotNeed #Euro2020 #PaniniStickers Wow! What a delivery from Panini! These Euro 2020 Tournament Edition stickers aren’t even released yet, they are …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled EURO 2020 STICKERS!! | SPECIAL DELIVERY from PANINI! (first look!!) and credited to GBW. Viewing time is 00:17:00, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. These stickers look amazing, can’t wait until they’re released, good luck with your collection man

  2. Huge Panini fan, but I'm not quite fond of this collection just yet. I really don't like the absence of stadium and previous winners stickers. Also not a fan of the team information being in a different page than the team, the landscape stickers and the mini stickers. I'll probably try to get it anyway, but I'd wish they had used the World Cup format for the Euros too. Great vid mate!

  3. Does it have the usual fill in spaces where you write the results anywhere? Anyways thanks for the vid was very looking forward to this collection!!

  4. Excellent work from a new subscriber, already preordered the collection and hardback album directly from Panini, look forward to more!

  5. Hi! Could you donate some of the codes that come after the stickers for me to use on the virtual album? I thank you for your attention.

  6. It looks great but again like in the Premier League album from this season, no stickers with the stadiums…

  7. Quality lad. They should've done the duo stickers in shiny finish instead of the Green. Rest of the designs are mint.

  8. I wanna challenge you on TikTok but what are the prizes? (i hope its a box) ive always seen boxes in shops and ive always wanted to do a box break but they are wayy too expensive so i hope if you win a challenge you get a box that would be sooo sick Love the vids btw GBW! I also hope that those boxes will be euro 2020 boxes as im gonna collect them!

  9. Hi friend, I've been a fan of your channel and a Panini collector for many years, happy to see you winning so many packages from this beautiful collection, how happy I would be to win such a wonderful gift! Greetings from Brazil.

  10. Its sad:((
    My country is bad at football so I cant just go to shop and buy them. But I can do it on internet tho?

  11. First, it’s a little bit disappointed for not having stadium or host cities stickers. Second, imagine if there is some host cities being dropped, this album with all the info inside will go all wrong.

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