Frank Lampard on the goal that NEVER was | ITV Sport Archive

Watch – Frank Lampard on the goal that NEVER was | ITV Sport Archive

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You can watch the 2022 World Cup live on ITV ?? Frank Lampard spoke to ITV Sport after his goal for England v Germany wasn’t awarded at the 2010 Fifa …

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled Frank Lampard on the goal that NEVER was | ITV Sport Archive and credited to ITV Sport. Viewing time is 00:02:40, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I remember going wild when I saw it cross the line and then looking back at the TV and the game was still playing and being so angry when the replay came on. I think people do forget how bad England played this game and Germany fully deserved to win but if that goal would have been given then it would have completely changed the game and the momentum would have swung towards England.

  2. Lol ITV trying to get in in the views. Shut it fam, you're a poor man's sky sports retro. This clip has nothing to do with lampard sacking,its not even relevant

  3. Fixed games ..referees setting up shit.. its always been like that.. even now with var they lie were it is there for the entire world too see.. they dont care.. who's going too complain

  4. Remember watching this with my dad on a sunday just being amazed by how good germany were but my gosh it could have been 2-2.

  5. hated this England team. In 2014 at least it was over quickly after two entertaining games where we didn't play that badly. 2010 was like a long, slow drawn out torture before Germany put us out of our misery. It was rubbish.

  6. England constantly comes up with pathetic excuses for losing and play the victim card. Shit squad with a shit manager. Simple as.

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