The TRAGIC story of Colombia at the 94 World Cup | Oh My Goal

Watch – The TRAGIC story of Colombia at the 94 World Cup | Oh My Goal

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In 1994, Colombia were a worldwide football sensation and many pundits, including Pelé, backed them to win the World Cup. Valderrama, Asprilla and Higuita …

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled The TRAGIC story of Colombia at the 94 World Cup | Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:04:43, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. And now the national team have a full team of pussies and can't play knockout stage not going down without a fight…I see it complicated for us to qualify to the 2022 world cup:/

  2. Sorry I forgot about to answer you actually I did in the fourth but I thought for second then I knew that he was not are the to run it was guus hidnik

  3. pablo escobar died in 93, so it was impossible he killed andres escobar after the world cup. He was rumored to most likely been killed by a cartel leader. As a colombian i'm devastated this happened. RIP

  4. England did not even reach 1994 WC in which the English media verbally blasted the English team manager, Graham Taylor. At least he wasn't gunned down.

  5. Yeah, unfortunately, in those ages my country wasn't in a good time, it's sad that because a human mistake, Andrés had to be killed

  6. Rene Higuita and Carlos Valderrama will always be remembered for their Scorpion Kick save and Yellow Curly Hair.

  7. I am colombian and it hurts to see the world know about my country football team this way

  8. I just found out that This Catherine Monroe is a guy from My country Bangladesh…. I litterally found him in our country's best food youtuber where he spoke Bangla and revealed he is a man. And Yea, This Monroe is not from Texas, USA. So ignore that Monroe cos he's fake and a crazy CR7 fan. I mean like, chill! Messi good too! Why you gotta Say Bad about Messi? We all know CR7 and Messi both are legends but yall just keep fighting about whos better. Maybe we will never know whos better but just enjoy their play.

    btw Monroe doesnt speak like a comment bot. I saw many orginal feeling comments so yea a real Fake Guy who made 112 subs by making vids of darkness and hate comments

  9. Football is a beautiful game. Escobar was a great player. But only one ONE GOAL killed him. #RIP.
    P.S.- Wonder what would happen if Phil Jones was in place of Escobar. Don't be angry at me

  10. My dad used to live in Colombia during these times and the things he told me he experienced were horrible!

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  12. People keep worshipping Cartels and Narcos and they have no idea how much suffering they had done to our people, this is just a clear example, players only wanted to play, those "Capos" only wanted to become even more richer abusing of the players…

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