UEFA President discusses Coronavirus’ potential impact on Euro 2020

Watch – UEFA President discusses Coronavirus’ potential impact on Euro 2020

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled UEFA President discusses Coronavirus’ potential impact on Euro 2020 and credited to Sky Sports Football. Viewing time is 00:01:58, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Carry on as normal don't be scared of this virus if it kills you you're weak that's all it means

  2. It's a stupid idea to be flying across the continent for games. The players won't play as well as they could due to all the travelling involved. Why travel so far when there are plenty of suitable stadiums much closer?

  3. Stop letting people come into this country without stringent medical checks. These people bring in all sorts of degeneracy and illness. Very simple

  4. Thought and prayers to those hoping that the coronavrius was going to end domestic football season early and stop Liverpool winning the league.

  5. its definetely going to get cancelled. 2 months ago this corona virus didn't exists now nearly 100,000 people have it or have had it. july is in 5 months. the virus is in 75+ countries. there is a zero percent chance the uk won't have a wide spread virus spread in 5 months.

  6. This man is the epitome of everything wrong with society. Rich bastard only cares about his hotel reservation being cancelled if the virus spreads.

    Their bottom lines is what worries them, not people's lives

  7. ''I don't even want to think about it.'' Well, it's your job to think about it.

    ''For now, sure everything will go on as planned. It's under control.'' How are you sure and how is it under control when the virus keeps spreading and when there's no clear sign of the spread declining?

    ''Let's see.'' LOL

  8. If James Bond has been Cancelled until November, Then it's fair to say the government know full well the Virus will still be about in the summer.

  9. I’d be very surprised if it goes ahead. I’m not screaming doom and gloom or stocking up on baked beans and poo paper but if there’s even the number of cases there are now in Europe it would be canceled. Probably take six months to get under control. ( an uneducated guess)

  10. I dont think Euro 2020 will go ahead ; at bare minimum , Italy wont be getting those games – sorry

  11. Calm and confident without his opinions on the virus even mattering. If the governments tell you to cancel you cancel.

  12. I wouldn't put a single penny on a postponement of the tournament. The virus topic will be non-existant until then.

  13. This man SUCKS !!!!! Only thinking about big money…. Heey Aleksandar, people are DYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. If a competition decides to no longer finish the competition for human health and safety, that is understandable, but apparently for some the money is more important than health. Then still threaten that some teams next season may not participate in the European competitions, you have no respect for the decision of others

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