Euro 2020 Postponed Until 2021 | Coronavirus Update + Matic Contract News | Pig & The Hen Show #47

Watch – Euro 2020 Postponed Until 2021 | Coronavirus Update + Matic Contract News | Pig & The Hen Show #47

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Euro 2020 Postponed Until 2021 | Coronavirus Update + Matic Contract News | Pig & The Hen Show #47 and credited to Flying Pig United. Viewing time is 03:03:05, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. I just bought the official Euro 2020 match ball, think it might an investment item. Only time will tell!

  2. Sorry I missed most of it, bit of a crap day. Thanks again lads for what your doing, makes a massive difference ???????

  3. Great show tonight! Apologies to everyone for the double daymare that was VAR on the Question of Sin! I was a bit sleepy after a long day and then right in the middle of the quiz had a couple of phone calls… basically I was about as much use as Mike Dean (thanks to G Wolf United for taking over). Loved the phone chat with Kerry (not sure if that’s how it’s spelled). I watched that piercing parlour prank call you mentioned, it was hilarious! Was that Kerry inquiring about having his butt-cheeks pierced together in an American accent? If anyone is looking for it it’s in the ‘comedy’ playlist in the playlists section of the Pig’s YouTube channel.
    Great job with the quiz as usual, Mark Sin. I missed parts of it due to the phone calls but it sounded like quite a tough one. I’ll watch the show again later so I know I didn’t miss anything. Hen, hope you don’t get any trouble from that irate neighbour (or your missus). Stay safe guys!

  4. Suspend… Cos it isn't fair to the players who give all the best this season. It should continue from this point to be fair, Don't mix it with financial gains side of things

  5. True… Cos Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube are now controlling people life. YEARS ago One of my learned friend say Handphone is a luxury item (It was at that time) But soon will become a necessities and essential item. How true his words are years later but till now he still doesn't own a phone. imagine? No phone in today world? yeah in a way he is right because we depend on technology SO much now when internet breakdown it will cause havoc!!! There will always be a chance maybe not the whole world but certain area. Imagine 10 years later we depend so much later of automated driven cars and when it breakdown we forget how to drive a car and navigate to the destinations we want because your car wifi have a breakdown

  6. Pig and Hen show give more awareness to peoples about the COVID-19 than other bullshits media/posts. More the favor and enjoyments. Great work!

  7. Wow! The UK Gov is estimating the Estimate deaths show be less 500k deaths. Just can't believe it! The Government of the old when a pandemic/epidemic break out is always trying to get to a figure as low as it can, i,e Start with 0 death and try to minimise it to as low as it can. A human life is a human life, Not ok 500 death is ok, Of course they can't say that as it is but what they say is to project(plant it in your brain) to you that 500k death is ok. So when this is over with 300k death, they will come out like WINNERS see we estimate 500k deaths but now is ONLY 300k. This is piss!

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