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Sporati on UEFA Euro 2022’s video summary and description

Will EURO 2020 be cancelled because of Coronavirus?! Leave a comment below! ? Subscribe: ? Seb: …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled CORONAVIRUS – EURO 2020 CANCELLED?! and credited to Spencer FC. Viewing time is 00:15:12, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Since filming this, the next FIFA FUT Champions Cup has been cancelled….events dropping right left and centre. Not confident for the Euro’s happening at all, what you lot saying?

  2. People shouldn’t panic buy, it creates the problem that they are trying to avoid. It’s like when people did a run on the banks in 2008 which made the financial crisis a lot worse.

  3. Your channel views seriously have dropped massively since you had a ling while off and came back. Must be hard and frustrating as a Youtuber when that happens

  4. It was named COVID-19 at least a month ago. (COronaVIrus Disease)
    COVID-19 is the name of the disease. Coronavirus is a type of viruses which also includes viruses that cause common cold. The virus responsible for COVID-19 was named SARS-CoV-2. (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2)

  5. I live in Mexico and yesterday there was a massive protest against female violence. Nobody is really talking about this here, but if almost 30,000 people protested in the Zócalo, then could there be a risk of a COVID-19 outbreak? So far we have 6 confirmed cases, but wouldn’t it be dangerous? The government cancelled school supposedly because of the protests (because the president is a raging sexist with no common sense) however what if they are hiding something such as a COVID-19 outbreak around Mexico, with more than those 6 cases? It’s not unlikely, we have one of the most corrupt and disgraceful governments in the globe. This is really scary, and being deprived of school for me is massive. Stay safe guys.??

  6. I live in Hong Kong and schools have been closed for 1 month already, and they plan to extend it until at least April. Scary times. Stay safe everyone

  7. Don't Panick Euro 2020 Will Not be Delayed or Cancelled it's happening in 3 months not now so It will Still be Played

  8. I live in China and the UK and Europe need to take the action that they did here, currently in Shenzhen the city is starting to return to normality

  9. Does anyone know if there are any, like, comprehensive highlight videos of jimmy conrad in all the youtube games hes played?

  10. I work as a marine engineer; due to join ship in San Fran on Monday (travelling from the UK). Its touch & go whether il be allowed to fly but more importantly, I may join then be stuck in the US for a long period if they close all borders

  11. Unbelievable watching this 6 months later. I would make another video about whether the euros will go ahead next year without crowds or not.

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