Euro 2020 is way overcomplicated - Craig Burley | European Championship

Watch – Euro 2020 is way overcomplicated – Craig Burley | European Championship

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Taylor Twellman talk through why UEFA Euro 2020 could be a logistical nightmare as there are now a dozen venues across …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Euro 2020 is way overcomplicated – Craig Burley | European Championship and credited to ESPN UK. Viewing time is 00:03:03, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. another one of of uefa's bright ideas. just keep things as they are and allow 1 nation to host the tournament. why complicate things?

  2. outrageous wales fans have to fork out to travel to baku – then rome. And if wales get thru the group stage our fans will be packed off somewhere else across europe again. Platini has a lot to answer for – has he repaid all the 'gifts' he received yet?

  3. It really isn't complicated. Well not for anyone who actually has knowledge of tournaments. This one is a little different but it's a one off. 24 team tournaments aren't new.

  4. It has been known for 3 years there are 12 hosts. Everyone knew the situation. Host nations that qualified play at home in the group stages. Top 2 from each group and best 4 of the 3rd place sides advance. Not hard.

  5. For me the draw was not so open where most of the teams already knew which group they are in before the draw take place.. also, too many co-hosts which makes the draw could have be more randomise picked..

  6. i hate the new format right from the start,,,,,,just like the world cup 2022,,,,,im from Canada and the world cup gonna start in november in the begining coldest seasons ,,i dont know how im gonna manage to flying or waiving my flag in the freezing cold lol

  7. As much as I find this idea stupid.Which I do..

    Honestly how many countries can host a Euro one their own or jointly and not end up with empty useless studies after? Not to mention the financial cost.

  8. agreed, this whole rubbish uefa nations league thats used to determine the play off spots is a joke, all for the cash

  9. This is ridiculous… 1 nation usually has the 'advantage" of being the host, and now you get 12 countries with that. Also the travelling etc makes no sense at all (for the team & def not for fans)

  10. The Euro used to have the best group stage of any tournament, even ahead of the World Cup. People are going crazy with Germany, Portugal, and France being in the same group, but it used to be the case that at least two groups had three top teams in it. Given the safety netting of finishing third and still advancing, the group stage is merely a procession. Even if UEFA wanted more inclusion, they should have given a bye to certain teams and let it eventually lead to four groups of four. When teams that finish third, as Portugal did, benefit from a poor group stage, it devalues the group stage. A team that finishes third should see some consequence from that. The whole points of World Cups and Continental tournaments is to see the best teams play against each other, not to let everyone in.

  11. I have tickets to the Azerbaijan SF… I probably wouldn’t have gone there so soon if it wasn’t for this tournament 🙂

  12. I think Euro 2020 is a one off for the 60th Anniversary, Its going to be going back to being a single host in 2024 when its in Germany.

  13. I think it is an intriguing idea to have the Euros in 12 host cities, and thankfully and hopefully only this one time. I think the countries that are hosting the games have a strong advantage since it's a home game than a Euros game. But the value of their home games being Euro games makes it more exciting and I think there will a lot more goals scored in this Euros than in 2016, when only 108 goals were scored. You could see group stage games being high scoring games since even though you may play for being 3rd place, but you're in front of your own fans so you want to entertain your own fans and do well. Though I think once the knockout stage happens, then the high scoring will become low-scoring as they are not in front of their fans in majority of their knockout games and would play more for a 1-goal marginal win or a draw.

  14. Europe as the best talent on the planet right now..


    Once again have produced another great generation of footballers..

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