England are better now than their 2018 World Cup semifinal team - Steve Nicol | UEFA Euro 2020

Watch – England are better now than their 2018 World Cup semifinal team – Steve Nicol | UEFA Euro 2020

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ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol is adamant that England will be a force in this summer’s UEFA Euro 2020, going so far as to saying they’re second-favorites behind …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled England are better now than their 2018 World Cup semifinal team – Steve Nicol | UEFA Euro 2020 and credited to ESPN FC. Viewing time is 00:03:30, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. . Semi- finalists for Euro 2020
    Italy could be the dark horse. Their spirit in big competitions is unbelievable.
    Belgium will lose in quarter finals to any of the teams above.

  2. but are england going to have the easiest run like they did in the world cup. the moment they met class they fell apart

  3. I'd love to see the current England team take on Belgium. It'd be a much different game from a year ago. England actually has a midfield and a decent back line now even if they are still young. That front three would terrify any country's defenders.

  4. Whenever I read comments why everyone mentions Netherlands to be above Portugal , I can't think of a single reason behind it , Portugal totally dominated nation's league final , I know Netherlands back line is good but they were getting attacked again n again , n that means they were getting dominated in midfield as well

  5. England @4/1 is horrible value. Italy/Portugal @ 12/1 is so much better value. No idea how they are favored above Belgium & Spain either.

  6. England’s attack will be its strong point because their midfield and defense are average. Belgium has a great team so does Germany and France. With Portugal looking insane as-well. Don’t forget to mention holland has probably the best defense in the tournament with a good midfield and attack I can’t see England winning. I have not even mentioned Spain or Italy who also have good teams. However in the end of the day in the beautiful game anything can happen

  7. This guy shouting is an idiot ? as a Frenchman I do believe that England are second favourites. He said that England don’t beat big teams even though they beat Spain and Croatia in the Nations league ?????

  8. I would love to see England win……. but, this England team is simply not good enough to win the Euro….. Go Netherlands in 2020……..

  9. No point arguing with england fans they dont watch any other leagues and dont really know how much class and talent is out there they have no idea what they will be up against come crunch time

  10. Steve Nicole has always been biased, England can't be second favourites above teams like Belgium, Netherlands and Germany

  11. Nicol is right this England team is alot better than the world cup team. Rashford is coming of age. Sancho is a star, we have grealish maddison winks in midfield, trent is alot better than trippier, gomez is playing brilliantly, odoi is a talent, saka looks quality, kane is banging them in, sterling is alot better, Maguire has had a good season, chilwell has come through, theres plenty more talent coming through, we could beat Belgium

  12. ‘England never beat proper teams’ We’ve beat Spain and Croatia in the Nations League! Are Spain and Croatia not proper teams!? How this mans got a job at ESPN baffles me

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