Netherlands is in really good shape ahead of Euro 2020 - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

Watch – Netherlands is in really good shape ahead of Euro 2020 – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

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A 2-1 win vs. Belarus has the Netherlands on the verge of qualifying for UEFA Euro 2020 after failing to qualify for Euro 2016 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Netherlands is in really good shape ahead of Euro 2020 – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC and credited to ESPN FC. Viewing time is 00:04:00, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. I like them but in in terms of attackers they are still far from convincing but their teamwork could prove too much

  2. The only thing great about the Dutch in their last two games was the result. If they want to challenge for the title, then they need to make another step.

    The game against the Irish could be fun, though. The Irish will need to attack this time.

  3. Stupid Koeman … come on tell this to the Special One (Jose Mhrio) — trust me u will be out of that league asap

  4. I'm Dutch and that very stupid thing to say of Koeman. Especially from him who played defensively against northern Ireland and Belarus

  5. Wow they translated that interview all wrong and in reaction called Koeman arrogant for no reason. Shame on you ESPN! The first thing he said was that he thought NI were very good in defence and that they got the most out of their players. At the end of the interview, they talked about the quality of the game and that he was glad they won. He first called out his own teams mistakes and the terrible way they played the first half. And after that he came back on his comment about NI, that they also did everything to not play football and that the game was terrible to watch. And everybody who saw that game would agree. They played very effective football, but it was anti football. Just like we did in 2010…. Nothing arrogant about that statement and i would try to get a better translator, before accusing Koeman of saying something terrible. Also every interviewed Dutch player i saw (Van Dijk, De Jong) complemented NI for how good they were in defence.

  6. We should have different pools for national teams. There should be A, B & C pools.

    A: Germany, France, UK, Italy, etc.
    B: Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Estonia, etc.
    C: Lichtenstein, San Marino, Armenia, Andorra, etc.

    All these A-B and A-C matches are such a waste of time…

  7. Craig didn't feel so strongly about defending Andorra. Northern Ireland is trash, don't get defensive because it was pointed out (rather disrespectfully, might i add)

  8. Well how funny , the northern irish manager started the mud slinging , he said we know how to qualify , then expect to get a remark .
    And when was northern irland winning ? 19% possesion,

  9. The switch of opinions compared to 1-2 months ago, is utterly ridiculous. The only man that kinda had the same opinion but was more favorable now was the man on the left. Do some research lads, then make a program and talk in depth about teams. Cuz its quite obvious looking at previous vids, u didnt do ur research about dutch Youth teams and our First Team. And btw, adressing Koemans remark. Afterwards he SAYS he understands why they play the way the Irish played, due to the players in the team. But its not the kind of football the People want to see. So Yes it sounds arrogant. But thats what happens when u remove some sentences.

  10. From the UEFA website…. we get this information…. Interesting….Why do some teams already know which groups they are in?Host nations that qualify (or could qualify via the play-offs) will be placed automatically in the following groups to ensure they are at home in at least two group games:Group A: Italy, Azerbaijan
    Group B: Russia, Denmark
    Group C: Netherlands, Romania
    Group D: England, Scotland
    Group E: Spain, Republic of Ireland
    Group F: Germany, Hungary

  11. True soccer/football fans want the Netherlands to win in 2020…. This is a really good Dutch team…. they are legit contenders…. July 12, 2020 will be a great day for the Dutch…… Go Netherlands….. Forza Italia…..

  12. Wayt about jou,re coments…the best strikers have got to play Jett….kluivert,s son is even not there Jett…and thank jou,Northern Ireland supporters,jou are a world class

  13. I love how they always mention the Dutch not having a ‘great striker’, while Depay is one of the four most important players.
    The main issue in offense are the backs, and wingers not scoring a lot of goals.

  14. In euro the final is england vs Netherlands . southgater vs KO em an . dutch be English will be epic . Portugal can go n die

  15. They didn’t even talk about the upcoming talents in the dutch team. Wijndal, a back playing on the left and hugely talented. Boadu a young striker who has great finishes and stengs. A winger who has a great kick and is very quick and Ihattaren. Associated with city as a replacement for silva. By guardiola himself. And thats not even mentioning the fact that de ligt and de jong are still only in their 20s

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