England's defeat vs. Czech Republic a ‘reality check’ – Ian Darke | Euro 2020 Qualifying

Watch – England's defeat vs. Czech Republic a ‘reality check’ – Ian Darke | Euro 2020 Qualifying

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England must wait to confirm their place in Euro 2020 after the Czech Republic deservedly ended their 43-game unbeaten run in qualifiers stretching back ten …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled England's defeat vs. Czech Republic a ‘reality check’ – Ian Darke | Euro 2020 Qualifying and credited to ESPN UK. Viewing time is 00:04:17, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Ibraham will soon realise coming from the bench 85 minute nigeria was the best for him not england

  2. A slightly different perspective however small- just feeling this right now, might change though lol

    3-1-4-2(3-5-2)/4-2-3-1 slanted

    CF Kane
    SS/RWF Sterling

    RWB/RB Alexander Arnold
    RCM/RDM Henderson
    LCM/AM Mount
    LWB/LW Maddison

    CDM/LDM Winks

    RCB/CB Tomori
    SW/CB Maguire
    LCB/LB Chilwell

    GK Pope

    Needs a change from the usual whatever happens

  3. The major problem is rhe.back four cant play the ball out. Onky maguire should be kept. Rose keane and trippier are all useless and poor at short passing. Anorld, gomez and chiwell are all brilliant players with extremely good technique. Especially chiwell hes very underated player wil silky left foot and stamina. henderson should not even be in the england team hes just too poor technically, winks is 100 times.better and able to link from back four and recycle possession

  4. Trent has redefined the fullback position. He's a playmaker with the passing range of Andrea Pirlo yet somehow he doesn't get in the England squad.

  5. tammmy should have played for NIgeria the dog he wont get as much game time in england national side, such a fool and ego

  6. Good job Czech Republic. Showed up England that they're not all that good and far from being world-beaters.

  7. Does Kane ever score anything besides penalties these days ? Pickford is terrible. Flash reaction saves with no positioning sense at all. Mouths off a lot to hide his many mistakes.

  8. Kane is soo overrated
    Goals over last 5 years:
    21 (11 pens)
    25 (7 pens)
    29 (13 pens)
    27 (15 pens)
    17 (5 pens)
    51 out of 119 goals are spot kicks.
    If he weren’t a “penalty only” guy he’d have had 68 goals.
    42.85% of his goals come from 12 yards. He’s absolutely overrated by a country mile

  9. Harry Kane is NOT a world class striker FACT. If he was one of the giants of European football would have been in by now. How plays every England game is beyond me as take away his penalties and the returns ain't that good

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