Why the hell have the Netherlands never won the World Cup? | Oh My Goal

Watch – Why the hell have the Netherlands never won the World Cup? | Oh My Goal

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The Netherlands is ten times smaller than California and yet it’s had an inordinate amount of great footballers. Golden generation …

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled Why the hell have the Netherlands never won the World Cup? | Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:04:33, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Imagine if England won the Euros in 2021 and Holland FINALLY won the World Cup that they so deserve in 2022!!! Obviously I am English and would prefer us to win the tournament, but at the same time if there is any team that has deserved it over the years more than anyone else you have to call it for the Dutch hands down!

  2. 3:36 "In the final against Spain, the Netherlands delivered an impressive performance and the trophy seemed within their grasp" LMAO Which final did you guys watch? XD Spain was superior from the very beginning and the at least three Dutch players deserved to get a red card for their ultra-violent style. That final was a shame for the style of the Netherlands.

  3. Cruyff, robben, van persie, sneijder, van basten, gullit, neeskens, rijkaard, bergkamp, kluivert, davids, van der sar, koeman, stam, van nistelrooy, overmars, frank de boer, seedorf, van bronckhorst, krol, kuyt, rep, keizer, how have they only won 1 trophy???

  4. Johan Cruyff lost 1974 world Cup final
    then he goes to Barcelona make a historic football tactic called Tiki taka and then ?? Spain national football team use tiki taka in 2010 world Cup and beat ?? Netherlands in the final hence proved that because of Cruyff his country didn't won a world Cup ??

  5. I witnesses all the finals, but the 1974 was the most traumatic one. 1988 was a set up between Havelange (ex pres. FIFA) and the Argentinians . And 2010; we were just a few cm (like 1988) away. But from all the small country's in the world, we played 3 WC finals, 2 semi finals. Not bad!!

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