Zidane's attitude in the plane after the 2006 World Cup final - Oh My Goal

Watch – Zidane's attitude in the plane after the 2006 World Cup final – Oh My Goal

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We tend to see Zinédine Zidane as a superhero, he has won everything as both a player and a coach. But after the 2006 World Cup final, he showed just how …

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Zidane's attitude in the plane after the 2006 World Cup final – Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:03:48, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. What's with these gay ass songs and titles, I can't even go through the video without rolling my eyes. Lol

  2. Doesn’t matter if lost that final he already have won everything in football world cup euro champions league league title ballon dor everything

  3. He made France great again….lost greatness when he retired and now they r back again with a new generation

  4. Its painful for the french but they didn't wrong him ultimately and that is very respecful. If that was Messi, the Argentinians will have him crucified.

  5. Still tarnished. Unprofessional at the worst moment. What a disappointment and disgrace. Why was he so upset about his sister? Was she really a whore? It's odd that something like that would set you off, unless it was true? And now no one wants his jersey. How ironic.

  6. IAM a France fan Zinedine Zidane was One of the greatest football player in the world I hv ever seen He score twice world cup final in 1998 and 1 goal in 2006 Final.. Zidane was legend…

  7. People were so upset, as if he committed a murder. So in their feels. The only thing I thought was '"Shit now France must play without the best player I have ever seen".

  8. Italian players in football and Australian players in cricket are famous for this kind of provoking dialogues.
    Zidane still has a world cup in his shelf…. 1998

  9. But zidane won the heart of his sister and mother, many of us doesn't do this,
    Zidane should have waited till end and he could have trashed materaize by his legs

  10. All his Life he was taught to respect ladies, at last he couldn't hold his nerves! Happens! ?

  11. Final act was wrong but what about the act of other fellow the victim????. He used the most powerful weapon from his dirty mouth to kill Zinedine's heart which was not seen or heard by the fans or reporters.I do not know both were equally being punished?. I watched the match and really sympathise for great football player Zinedine-. Mahesh Sri Lanka

  12. Not sure but france would have lost penalties with him too as trezguet was second choice penalty taker coz Henry was injured

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