Hungary 2-1 Croatia | Szalai Inspires Historic Win | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers

Watch – Hungary 2-1 Croatia | Szalai Inspires Historic Win | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers

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Hungary 2-1 Croatia | Szalai Inspires Historic Win | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers Hungary vs Croatia 2-1 ( Rebic 13, Szalai 34, Patkai 76) Save this playlist to …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Hungary 2-1 Croatia | Szalai Inspires Historic Win | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers and credited to Dominic Rich F.C.. Viewing time is 00:14:45, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. We are in big problem, we conceded 25 goals in 15 games. Of that 25 goals 13 goals are after beaks, free kicks or corners. Our defense is weak, Dali? need to work on it. I don't remember when we had that bad goal difference, we scored 16 goals and conceded 23 in game without friendlies. When you look in past we almost every time had one of best defense in qualifications with conceding 1 or 2 or 3 goals. I think this game was very bad in every part of game. Defense was terrible starting with Kalini?. Kalini? is not in form, I think Livakovi? should be on goal. Kalini? is very insecure, he is not a master of five meter space in front his goal, he in this two games almost every time decide to box a ball and not catching it. I had feeling that if you throw him balloon he will box it not catch it. Vida is not at level like in WC. Middlefielders were bad, Modri?, Rakit? and Brozovi? very bad. Periši? lost a lot of balls, couldn't have good pass. Hungary was better and congrats to them. I spoke with my friends and we agree that Šime Vrsaljko is missing a lot. With him we were much dangerous in crosses and speed. One good thing is that Bariši? is going to be excellent addition on left side which one is trouble one. I just hope that Dali? could make something about that and in June win match against Wales. I don't want to repeat qualification for EURO 2000 when we after 3rd place in WC 98 didn't qualify. Greeting mate It a was long time no see 😀

  2. ROFL what a comeback DENMARK!

    But damn it we should have won, that 1-0 goal were clearly wrong where were the VAR damn it?

    Denmark were best in the first 5 minutes, then Switzerland were best for the rest of the 1st half. Then it were more even.

    The last 10 minutes Denmark were best but also lucky.

  3. Dominic… the usual unbiased, very objective and bona fide commentator. Good video and comments. I take my hat to you, again.

  4. Croatia is and has been on the way down for some time but…. have they really been at the top ?

  5. Maybe we need another striker who can find the back of the net. I think we need to swap the kalinic’s with each other . Bring back Nikola kalinic, and get rid of lovre kalinic and use livakovic in goals

  6. Important players retired and we are searching ourselves with new ones …takes time.. We will qualify i am confident

  7. bok! Ja sam ma?arski i ja zapravo prevedem ovaj tekst na google translator croatia.XD Kao što sam pro?itao ovdje komentari su bili vrlo iznena?uju?i, jer bez obzira na to što smo osvojili, bez obzira na vas, ?estitate nam i "izgledate dobro". to je utjecalo i na mene, jer s ma?arskim videom iz kojeg ?emo se izvu?i, mogli ste pro?itati komentar na videu da svi grde Hrvate. Pro?itao sam samo nekoliko komentara, ali sam ve? nau?io iz tih 10 re?enica da ste slatki i ljubazni ljudi.

    I opet, ispri?avam se zbog pisanja

  8. Respect for the support bro! ? watch us when we reset the team. More to come from Croatia!

    Aaaand, of course i agree with you; Barisic was crucial for us in that game. Leovac was worst possible option. We became vulnerable. Kalinic is out of shape. We need reset. So now, Melnjak is smth Dalic pulled out new; and I personally think he is a missing piece and will perform well. Modric and Rakitic in this game; solid but; Kramaric and Rebic bad. Dzuzdak i know personally and we had chat after the game; he himself was disbelieved we played so bad. But though he himself was on fire and whole hungary team played 100%! Well deserved victory!

  9. I rewatched this game today on the eve of our game against Wales. No focus or passion against Hungary. Watching all the interviews of the players discussing Wales, I see that fiery spirit back in them so I'm expecting good results.

  10. Don't forget we have a different Goalman now, plus we don't have Mandzukic any longer, who really makes a difference in lifting the whole team's confidence. Your criticism is a bit too negative for a supporter of croatia,be more confident mon.

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