Belgium & Netherlands Light Up Opening Day | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers

Watch – Belgium & Netherlands Light Up Opening Day | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers

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Belgium & Netherlands Light Up Opening Day | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers Thursday 21 March 2019 Group I Astana Arena Astana Kazakhstan 3-0 Scotland …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled Belgium & Netherlands Light Up Opening Day | UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers and credited to Dominic Rich F.C.. Viewing time is 00:24:55, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Disappointed with Austria result against Poland. I was hoping Austria would win but Poland have star players like Lewandowski and Piatek. Now Austria must go to Israel, and I have good and bad memories of Israel matches, Israel beat Austria 5-0 in 1999 for Euro 2000 and good result 1-1 in Israel to allow Austria into World Cup play off 2002, where Austria were humiliated by Turkey. Poland are confident now, matches against Slovenia, Latvia and Macedonian are important and I know Austria have suffered loss to Latvia, Slovenia and I feel kind of nervous, can Austria be like the side of 1990s till 2000 with Polster, Herzog, Stoger and co, who looked strong and organized and knew how to win home and away in games against Belarus, Latvia, and co. If we don't make it to the Euros, good night Vienna.

  2. Note Kazakhstan, they hired new coach. And new team looks promising with a leader from Dutch league Alexander Merkel, some local experienced players like Kuat and interesting youngsters Fedin and Seydakhmet. This two guys could surprise us during next qualifying games

  3. Memphis is not played in the league the last games and is not scoring goals for club. He is not going to make a step up and if he does, he will run into the same trouble as when he went to United. He is not very good on ball. His wall pass and close control is sub par. Bergwijn for example has better close control and a better wall pass, but does not have the positive attributes that Depay has, like a good shot, presence (makes things happen for the better or the worse), mental fortitude. Memphis also has great distribution when he drops. However, Memphis is not a good enough football player for City. He loses the ball a lot, with sloppy passing or bad wall passes and what not. Especially a club like City under Pep Guardiola wants to have excellent footballplayers on every position that promote intricate passing. Depay is not that player. so I do not see that happening.

  4. i watched the belgium game and i must ask wtf happened to courtoi russia had the luckiest goal u would ever but overall it was a good team effort displayed by the red devils

  5. Note: I’ve only watched highlights for these games except the one I watched.

    Kazakhstan ?? VS Scotland ?gbsct
    All 3 goals looked good. It seems like Kazakhstan ?? dominated. I think some would consider this a shock result. There was on shy though that the keeper saved which I thought was a pretty good save.

    Cyprus ?? VS San Marino ??
    A battle between two smaller nations. The fourth goal was pretty good. It seems like Cyprus ?? dominated this one aswell.

    Austria ?? VS Poland ??
    It seems like this game was pretty even mostly throughout the match. And of course it was Piatek who scored. This man is on fire. I absolutely love him.

    Netherlands ?? VS Belarus ??
    It is interesting to see how strong the Netherlands ?? have comeback since failing to qualify for the World Cup. I saw the penalty call and to be honest for me it wasn’t a penalty.

    Belgium ?? VS Russia ??
    I watched this game. Two goals in two minutes wow. Tielemans’ goal was pretty good. But then of course another Courtois mistake. That was definitely a penalty. Then Hazard’s late goal was pretty good.

    Northern Ireland VS Estonia ??
    I couldn’t find highlights for this match so really can’t say anything about it.

    Macedonia ?? VS Latvia ??
    There was this one corner where the guy nearly scored it. Which is insane. The third goal though was insane absolutely love that. The dribbling and the way he shot it.

    Slovakia ?? VS Hungary ??
    I mean don’t really have anything to say about it.

    Israel ?? VS Slovenia ??
    I think the first goal it was kind of the defenders fault. Bad defending and be kind of confused the goalkeeper Oblak.

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