UEFA EURO 2020 QUALIFYING DRAW. England Will Win It.

Watch – UEFA EURO 2020 QUALIFYING DRAW. England Will Win It.

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EURO2020 #EURO2020 england Group A: England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo. England have a fantastic draw in the euros and we can …

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled UEFA EURO 2020 QUALIFYING DRAW. England Will Win It. and credited to Themadmistake. Viewing time is 00:06:45, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. Admire your passion for international footie mate. Im 101% welsh and lived the dream last euros but for me im a two team man only. Sunderland and Sunderland reserves. (3 if you count who ever Mags are playing)

  2. Cant wait 4 them 2 start anything but getting 2 the final will be a disapointment realy think wel win euros this tlme realy good vid again so enjoyable???

  3. Mate England are shit you's had the easiest route to the World Cup semi finals in the history of the competition, you then managed to take the lead in the semis and you's still bottled it, and you actually think your the best team in the world ahahhaahhahaha dream on pal

  4. Kosovo will have two home Games because all Albanians from England will go to Wembley to watch the Game England against Kosovo. So Football is coming home

  5. I'm not going to say kanes a bad player but he isn't best in the world and he won't be by 2020 I think you could score as many goals as he does in a season of you've got somebody like Erikson playing with you and also Pickford isn't ever going to be best in the world cause butlands 10x better

  6. Kosovo wil be the real underdog this euro 2020 35million albanian pepole who will celebrate for kosovo??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. I hope Czech Republic will be 2nd in group A. England is the best team of this group, no doubt about that. But Czech Republic could be 2nd, I think Czech Republic is better than Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo.

  8. England looks to be in a very promising position indeed. But we can't underestimate our opponents either – Kosovo is supposed to be the weakest team but they seem to be dark horses & are actually surprisingly good. Czech and Bulgaria could be good too. I have faith in England but they must keep working hard – good times ahead to be an england fan

  9. I hope Kosova will make a great performance, so if Kosova play EC Qualification just like Nations League they will be 2nd or 3rd, but too if they lost the group they have a chance to qualify in Euro 2020 from Nations League in play off VS FYR Macedonia?

  10. Relax man remember what happened last time you guys hyped yourselfs after beating easy teams and when a real team comes to play you lose with only 2 shots on target. Lol

  11. Netherlands are by far the best team in Europe they will run through England in euros 2020 and uefa nations league

  12. Scotland still have League C playoffs so can’t rule them out. I hope you’re right about Ireland. Northern Ireland could also get a League B playoff.

  13. Come on England is no longer the same big part of the young players you said are not used … england never won a euro and will continue like this (until Greece has euro)

  14. tbh with you im from kosovo i dident belive in my country but after we beat malta 5-0 and azerbajan 4-0 we might have a chance but england im sure will win . we have a seconde chance with macedonia belerus and georiga

  15. Are you ok bro kosovo is not bad and your gana play in Kosovo so think a bout that Kosovo will kill England

  16. I’m an England fan but saying Pickford is the best keeper in the world is a bit over the top. I don’t doubt England is an amazing team but France are an amazing team also. England have got a very good chance at winning but we are not guaranteed. So don’t feed people with false hope.

  17. No hate but

    Kosovo vs denmark was a tie

    Denmark is place 10
    And kosovo is 130 place

    Kosovo is playing well

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