What really happened to Ronaldo few hours before the 1998 World Cup Final - Oh My Goal

Watch – What really happened to Ronaldo few hours before the 1998 World Cup Final – Oh My Goal

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It’s the biggest sporting event in the world with hosts France up against tournament favourites Brazil in the World Cup Final. But the biggest star, Ronaldo, was …

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled What really happened to Ronaldo few hours before the 1998 World Cup Final – Oh My Goal and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:05:20, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. The rumors at time were that France (through Nike) bought off most Brazilian players with a 1 Million dollar contract and Ronaldo, who was already a millionaire and wanted the win more than money, didn't agree and was stupefied with he's mate's agreement to slow down. We can see that clearly on both Zidane's goals, without any defense coverage plus the overall performance of this supposedly unstoppable squad.

  2. The French have poisoned Ronaldo before the game, i would seriously consider this hypothesis!! Since Ronaldo was in top form and no apparent history in his medical condition, how come he developed such condition just before world cup final game?? That is a mystery that people take it easy

  3. Line seven – read 'second' instead of minute.
    I myself am grieved for my spelling error.Please read it as 'second' instead of 'minute.'

  4. Maybe the story was made up in the scenario where Brazil lost to find an excuse or maybe I’m waffling

  5. He should have won nothing France destroyed Brazil stop saying absolute shit. Even netherland deserve the win against them in semi finals. Always excuses when we are talking about r9 aka overrated man.

  6. France deserve to win the world cup in 1998 not Ronaldo brazil because
    – Zidaline Zidane and Thierry Henry are legends
    – Diversity
    – The Host
    – They never win thier world cup
    – They didnt qualifed both 1990 and 1994
    – Golden Generation

  7. I still remember watching the match in the night and couldn't believe to see what was happening as Brazil lost. But those days were superb as whole team was full of superstars and legends.

  8. it was common sense that he would be poisoned on the final game, in france VS france. thats what happens u let your guard down

  9. In 2 years he played 50 of 250 games!!!!
    Nonsense. No player plays 125 games a year.
    This narrator has shit for brains!

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