The goal that killed Colombia hero Escobar

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Escobar was murdered in the aftermath of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, reportedly as retaliation for having scored an own goal which contributed to the team’s …

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled The goal that killed Colombia hero Escobar and credited to Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Viewing time is 00:03:22, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Killing the Colombian Star was enough, But freeing the killer made the situation even worse

  2. We are Humans, We make Mistakes, But if someone dies because of it, I laugh & Complain in disappointment and Disgrace.
    Truly a Cowardly Act

  3. Let's see those people get on the field and see what it's like playing in front of hundreds and thousands of people.

  4. He should not have been back to Colombia after the match to be cautious
    He knew his country at this time was full of cartel who killed people for fun

  5. This World Cup , Colombian team was a favourite team to win the tournament..they beat Argentina 5-0 in qualification..but sadly they didn't qualify to the 2nd round , even they lost to the weakest team , USA in their group

  6. I once mistakenly scored an own goal in final of my school match I got beaten up by my friend but in that same match we won by 3-2 all the three goals were scored by me this would same happen to p.escobar if he got little time but he was killed.If he was alive maybe Colombia would win a world cup

  7. I already knew this story, but had to hear it again. Such a shame. He was great for his team so killing him just ruined the depth in their squad. Such a shame ??

  8. His love and passion for the game ended his life just because of a mistake everyone does… and the worst is that THE KILLER IS FREE!

  9. Asesino de mierda, debieras estar en la cárcel de por vida eso lo que te mereces. Pero Dios te a va a poner la mano mas temprano que tarde ….lo que hiciste no se nos olvida a los que amamos la vida, a los que amamos el Fútbol , un saludo a la familia de este futbolista colombiano.
    Siempre te recordamos Andres ,
    Viva el pueblo de Colombia.
    Aclaró que no soy Colombiano,
    Tan solo un admirador del fútbol.

  10. Early release For good behaviour? The only way to let a prisoner out early is if they are born again with the help of that holy spirit

  11. Lmaoooo only 10 years in my country u get to prison for ever if u kill even if its an accident unless the killed guys family forgives u get released in 4 years

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