The Best FIFA World Cup Quarter Final Goal? | Matchday 19

Watch – The Best FIFA World Cup Quarter Final Goal? | Matchday 19

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The BEST Fifa World Cup Quarter Final Goal? In this football challenge, we attempted to recreate the incredible knuckleball freekick, scored by David Luiz for …

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This FIFA World Cup 2014’s video is titled The Best FIFA World Cup Quarter Final Goal? | Matchday 19 and credited to UNIFIED Football – Jesse Waller Lassen & Sam Byles. Viewing time is 00:08:57, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. ENGLAND ?gbeng are through the to Quarter Finals after their victorious penalty shootout last night against Columbia ?? Which of these 2 free kicks from previous World Cup Quarter Finals is your favourite? Leave your score predictions for Friday's match – Brazil vs Belgium…

  2. I’ll predict a 2-2 draw and Belgium win in pens. Also loved also when Suarez saved the goal the guy right next to him was thinking the same thing?

  3. Kind of disappointed with the game yesterday I think Colombia probably deserved the win and the ref wasn’t the best but England won it in the end

  4. Great Vid! The knuckleball technique is very hard to master ( I got my first clean one after 3 weeks practice lool it is that ridiculous). For direct freekicks, I like to think that Curveballs are more about optimization, because realistically the concept of generating spin is very easy to learn (for me the angle of the spin is trickier to get used to). While knuckleballs are more about consistency and it is very hard to learn how to get the ball to spin as less as possible.
    (Jheez that was pretty long? but I love talking about this stuff)

  5. Awsome , that knuckleball freekick recreation was great. That is such a hard technike. great video guys

  6. I'm from Belgium but Brazil has been my favourite to win the World Cup since January, just like 4 years ago when my favourite was Germany, so I'm going for a 4-2 Brazil win

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