UEFA Euro 2020 All 13 Confirmed Stadiums

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This UEFA Euro 2022’s video is titled UEFA Euro 2020 All 13 Confirmed Stadiums and credited to talkSPORT. Viewing time is 00:02:38, enjoy our fellow UEFA Euro 2020 fans!


  1. This new way for euro 2020 is so confusing stick with the way it was by groups it's ok for the delegates in office it's 1st class all the way with no expense spared transport hotels even their grub is all catered for but what about the Joe blogs of the world who can't trek from Hampden park here in Glasgow to zenit st Petersburg Russia how do you expect the stadiums to have any sort of atmosphere with 3 men & a dog as the crowd this format is plain stupid this tournament & the 2022 world cup is going to blow up in UEFA/ FIFA faces because it just crazy or they don't care about the most important ppl in football……. The fans as John " jock" Stein said football without the fans is nothing how true those words are more so in today's game the suits need to think more about they very ppl who keep them in a life of luxury

  2. I would rather have a entire Euro at England
    Wembley Stadium
    Twickerham Stadium
    New White Hart Lane
    Emirates Stadium
    London Stadium
    Old Trafford
    Etihad Stadium
    Goodison Park
    StJames's Park
    City of Birmingham Stadium
    Villa Park

  3. Bad idea for the fans , but when did they matter ??????????????? And hey leave the mighty QPR alone we have enough troubles lol

  4. By far, the best host city to host this matches is Bilbao, the stadium is in the city heart!!! fulll of almost 1km of bars at licenciado pozas, that was they reason England chose to play there at WC on 1982, not even Liverpool has that, plus our atmosphere and football passion is not based on money like all the stadiums teams. Germany should choose St PAuli stadium, France Marsella. We want atmosphere not pathetic fans like Bayern or PSG based on money, and most of the teams where the cup will be played.

  5. Stupid idea. What was wrong with the old format of a host nation or two neighbouring countries co hosting it? Really sad QPR lost out ?

  6. If a Canadian who has never seen a 'soccer' match before asked me to sell the game to him based on uefa & FIFA plans, no chance! He would rightly question why it's still the biggest sport in world!

  7. I'm seriously amazed and disappointed this comes from one of the games greatest ever midfielders – Platini! Or, it's a stroke of genius, a massive change from the norm?

    Right now, I'd need to tell that Canadian it was once a simple game, then show him best bits from 1970 WC !

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