His goal changed soccer in the USA

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in 1994 FIFA World Cup USA

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Paul Caliguiri’s ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ qualified the United States for the 1990 FIFA World Cup and the CONCACAF giants have not looked back since.

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled His goal changed soccer in the USA and credited to FIFATV. Viewing time is 00:06:47, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Interesting what Paul says about italian fans saying 10-0 . Canadian Bob Lenarduzzi said in Mexico in 86 the Mexican fans were telling the Canadian players 10-0 just before Canada played France in their opening match. France beat Canada 1-0 . Scoring in like the 70th or 80th minute. I just found that interesting. Or maybe that's just what some football fans do before the match starts. And as a Canadian i'll never know how we qualified for Mexico 86 and not the United States. I'm looking forward to the U.S. , Mexico and Canada cohosting the WC in 2026.

  2. It was a badass goal but USA is so dramatic it’s not Hollywood lol many other countries have done magic in three lifetimes that USA has

  3. it is not football because the greatest goals were scored with the hand [Hand of God, Thierry v Ireland, just youtube 'em all} so just call it soccer or "associationfootball" puhlease

  4. US put politic too much on soccer…ended with rugby style football as their main sport and forget the soccer. When real football become worldwide shock…american football just a king of nothing. A first world cup semifinalist become non existed just they suddenly disappear? No. It must be something big that make them disappear.

  5. sadly American do not embrace soccer like they do Football, baseball, basketball….otherwise USA would at least won 2 or 3 world cup tittles already

  6. I am from Italy and I wish good luck to the USA national football team, they have had a lot of history in the World Cup and the USA team is very strong and difficult, 🙂

  7. I will always wonder what would have been if Trinidad were to go through to Italy 1990 instead of the USA… maybe the football in the country would have been taken seriously and seen as a positive income to Trinidad's economy… instead the state of the football federation in Trinidad is in ruins

  8. I will say the player that made me love football was Dennis Bergkamp but I am still an American and I will be forever grateful for players like this who made us fall in love with football. We may not win the WC anytime soon, but if you visit the USA go to a MLS game, they are really fun.

  9. I am an Englishman and I fully support the re-birth of FOOTBALL in North America (including Canada) … But lets get One Thing Straight … Our Game, The World Game is FOOTBALL to prove it lets look at the abbreviation F.I.F.A. meaning ; Federation International FOOTBALL Associations as The World Name for The World Game is FOOTBALL … Fact!.

  10. It’s amazing seeing all the old comments talking about the strides the USMNT has made in developing better players. Now in late 2020 we have players like Pulisic, Dest, McKennie, and Reyna playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world. We truly have come a long way.

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