Andrés Escobar own goal (World Cup 1994: USA - Colombia)

Watch – Andrés Escobar own goal (World Cup 1994: USA – Colombia)

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Andrés Escobar own goal in 1994 World Cup.

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled Andrés Escobar own goal (World Cup 1994: USA – Colombia) and credited to Matapoliisit19. Viewing time is 00:00:41, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. What's even more tragic is, even if he didn't touch it… That attacker could not have missed from 10 yards. Was always going to be a goal.

  2. The legend says he was killed because the killer had put money on Colombia to win. So it wasn't just Colombia being eliminated, but also because, the killer lost money.

    *I don't know how true this is*

  3. If he hadn't touched that ball, the player behind him would have scored an easy tap-in anyway, so the goal wasn't completely his fault anyway

  4. Many reckon if Pablo Escobar was alive noone would try to kill Andres. Because he loved football and supposedly understood (the narco terrorist I know) these things can happen.

  5. And then andreas escobar became the first footballer to died and joined 27 club and joined kurt and kristen in heaven on same year

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