Marco Materazzi Goal France V Italy FIFA World Cup Final 2006 HD HQ

Watch – Marco Materazzi Goal France V Italy FIFA World Cup Final 2006 HD HQ

in 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

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Marco Materazzi FIFA World Cup final 2006 goal success. RARE FOOTAGE – France Vs Italy.mkv.

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled Marco Materazzi Goal France V Italy FIFA World Cup Final 2006 HD HQ and credited to Victor Garcia. Viewing time is 00:01:02, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Zidane was still ejected and Italy still won. Call him whatever names you want, it's not going to change it. The Zidane penalty kick should have never happened because Materazzi never touched the Frenchman who dived in the penalty box. If you look at the footage with the best camera angle you can see there was no contact. It was close, but you could see space in between them. Zidane hurt his team more than he hurt Materazzi.

  2. Biggest cunt of football history. He has been to court for being racist, insult players to get them sent off… he has no respect.

  3. Must of been a shit World Cup if the defense of cannavaro and materazzi were the hero’s , an exciting World Cup Would of had attacker’s as the heroes

  4. Un goal decisivo in finale battendo Vieira sullo stacco…quante crisi di fegati per i ladri e i bilanisti… grande matrix

  5. No one cares this shit personality of Materazzi… Pirlo was the greatest, even outperformed Zidane… Pirlo deserves lot more respect than Zidane as a player…

  6. Buffon one of the best goal keepers was terrible in the penalty shootout He was saved by the crossbar still im wondering why this happened? and yes I know Barthez was also terrible in the shootout but he at least dived the right way of where the ball was going most of the time so he came close to saving them While Buffon went completely the oppposite direction except for like 1

  7. Pirlo's Free kick was more entertaining to watch than the goal itself Most players can't give a free kick like that

  8. Saya liat ini gara gara materazzi komentari gol sundulan Ronaldo..kata nya hampir mirip dirinya…ternyata lompatannya cuma segitu…lebih tinggi lompatan sundulan Ronaldo.

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