Spain Fifa 2010 world cup final game winning goal, Spain vs Netherland

Watch – Spain Fifa 2010 world cup final game winning goal, Spain vs Netherland

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Game winning goal for spain in fifa 2020 football world cup final. Spain makes history by winning the football world cup 2010.

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled Spain Fifa 2010 world cup final game winning goal, Spain vs Netherland and credited to adrifza. Viewing time is 00:01:30, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I thought that Holland was disgusting last night that was a far cry from the days of so called TOTAL FOOTBALL from the 1970s and more recent Bergkamp era, Shame on you HOLLAND, Spain deserved to win last night,

  2. I was watching this in the mall, being Canadians, the crowd was kinda neutral so most of us didn't really care who won or at least i didn't. But still, joined in the fun and screamed at the winning goal. It was 'loud', not as loud as the Olympic hockey game, but still, how often do you have 80 ppl cheering in unison around 2 big flat screen tv in the mall?

  3. WOW what cry babies… Poor-Sport losers fouled throughout the whole game… only World Class Players can boast the World Cup Trophy… Holland was decades away being world class at all… ugly playing…

  4. Did anybody even watch how one sided the refs were. I am not a fan at all, but I did happen to watch this game. #11 of Netherelands got screwed when he was about to score a goal to win. The spainish guy held him, and the ref didn't even call it. They were in favor of the Spanish the whole game, and even called ghost penalties. It makes me wonder how much control the players really have on the outcome of a game.

  5. @RossxP that doesnt mean soccer is for pussies, just because professional players dive means THEY ARE CHEATERS and for the rest of the honest players who dont dive should not be called pussies. oh and btw in case you havent noticed, how many players really did get hurt? didnt you see the games? there were quite a few players who had blood all over their face

  6. @lilnikk2004 all it takes is a goal sometimes man, and as i recall Netherlands beat brazil and spain beat brazil. anyway i do agree that brazil is most likely to win the 2014 world cup, i mean its in their house haha ill deff be there

  7. @SebasMarinS WTF r u saying i obviously dont know the sport your a fuckin canadian u dont know the sport fuck off kid

  8. @jlunch haha is that a joke there was no world cup 3 years ago and 2006 spain got shot down ur a canadien u dont know the sport ! PS lots of canadiens dont know the sport

  9. @fancyslimoshady Of course there wasn't a world cup three years ago. I never said there was. I did however say that for the past three years, Spain has had the best team. They started playing "lights-out" football a year before the Euro Cup of 2008. Not sure what the Canadian comment was about. I don't happen to be Canadian and I do however live in Spain and watch a ton of football.

  10. 2014 Brazil World Cup is going to one of the best sporting events in history! I can feel it!!!

  11. Mathijsen wasn't complaining about the possible offside in the first pass, from Torres to Iniesta, he was complaining about what appened in the opposite side of the field that originates the spanish attack that resulted in the winning goal.
    Spain deserve this title,.

  12. Que buen juego¡¡¡ tambien , como en la realidad, podés hacer goles en offside y te amonestan medio equipo contrario??? y a tí no te amonestan nada??
    Esta la opci√≥n sobornemos media FIFA con el dinero de las pensiones espa√Īolas? o solo la master league? el campeonato del mundo mas arreglado de todos los tiempos….y adem√°s tomandoles el pelo a medio mundo con el pulpo..sabiendo q estaba todo armado de antemano.

  13. Very disappointing world cup since 5 of my fav teams got knocked out, but at least the italians got eliminated early.

  14. Joris are punk..It was clearly onside. Entire holland team played dirty hooligan football. Spain are the deserved champions

  15. Daang, Iniesta got that ball like saying "in ur motha fkn face!!" That cup eventually goes for the best and we definitely saw that on the final!! GO SPAIN!!!

  16. lets be fair. congrats spain, but holland was the better team!!! and both teams were NERVOUS and PARANOID.

  17. @jaum79 If you are really 30 years old means that you must be very , very stupid.Spain was affraid of holland because they were criminls not because they were good football players.But the holland players were more scared of the spanish player because they were to good for them thats why the played so rough.
    HOLLAND SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  18. @GotchaBad Come on, got to admit that was a whole bunch of luck! Holland went in hard but went for the win, just like it showed the world beautiful football all through the tournament. Spain worked the ref and is now the new germany by scoring the late goal.. Rather had germany in the final against the dutch..

  19. I'm a proud dutch and I LOVE my country, so never say holland sucks, because our small country kicked the WHOLE WORLD'S ASS! And that's what we're proud off!
    We've got an AMAZING keeper, and we've got sneijder and robben, you should be jealous.

  20. @abulraf Holland had about 13 shots
    Spain had 17, and you're saying it would take us more to score?

  21. @SebasMarinS didnt know u could get a card for that, i see players do that all the time though, oh btw, does anyone know what it said on his singlet?

  22. Not a big fan of this sport but I watched this game (the whole thing) and what I don't get is. How is it that the refs call offside the whole game then when the Spain team scorer is clearly offside it's OK. The whole game was hard to watch, the exaggeration of injury (the kick in the chest was obvious). Holland wasn't playing very good but I don't think a team should win because the other wasn't clean. I don't know maybe I'm odd. I kinda like to win fairly. it's more fulfilling.

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