Ronaldo goal against turkey

Watch – Ronaldo goal against turkey

in 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan/Videos

Sporati on FIFA World Cup 2002’s video summary and description

this is ronaldo scoring agaisnt turkey in the 2002 world cup.

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled Ronaldo goal against turkey and credited to Jay Cruz. Viewing time is 00:01:09, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. i still remember,ronaldo did shoot it.because there was not enough space and time for that. so he just made a little push.the turkish player were already afraid of him.that was also caused the goal

  2. @savagecat77 know one will ever be beter then ronaldo, he is the best ever and cristiano ronaldo can fuck of because he is nothing comprd to the real ronaldo

  3. @BrazilsRonaldoFan
    he is the best forward in the world. the fastest dribbler, he has hiw own skills etc…
    CR7 is a winger. he has not completed his development yet.neverthless he has very attractive and unique skills.

  4. @savagecat77 u cant really say he is a winger thoguh because in fifa 11 if you play him as a winger his overall ability is about 86 but if you play him as a striker his ability is 90, also on the real madrid webesite he is pu under the fowards, plus hes shit

  5. @BrazilsRonaldoFan u can believe whtever you want. he is very fast, he has distinguished skills etcc… i may not like him, you you may hate him, but he is still very over the average and earning the million dollars. this argue is very silly. 🙂 you are right for your side bye.

  6. @savagecat77 ok but cr7 is just an overpaid idiot, theres people out there picking up shit and they only get paid not even 5 grand a year, but then youve got cr7 running around like a little girl getting paid millions a yea, do you think thats reallt fair?!?!

  7. @BrazilsRonaldoFan
    🙂 yes, i watched his behavious on interviews and conversations. he is a little bit naive. you know, there are some people, very good at sth,while they nothing at remaining everything.for example, i saw some top models, very sexy,but when they are so disappointment. CR7 is a such kind of person. that's why i said "he has not completed his development." will he reach that? may be, or not. that's one of the points, pele is far more greater than maradona.

  8. Il Fenomeno's (almost) the worst goal ever. No technique, no skill, no nice kick. Just front of foot and goal :/
    And be careful for the commentary: John Motson (FIFA 99 :)))

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