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this is rivaldo scoreing against england in the quater finals of the 2002 world cup, with an incredible ronaldiniho set up.

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This FIFA World Cup 2002’s video is titled rivaldo goal against england and credited to Jay Cruz. Viewing time is 00:00:50, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. yeah that was the old ronaldinho… starting in the middle of the pitch, outpaced one guy and pass the ball through the whole defensive line and make them look like amateurs. he isn't that fast anymore but his skills have not decreased.

    last year, i saw him playing live at the audi cup in munich. every time he took a corner, the whole crowd near him stand up and applauded him. it was a honour and a dream come true to see him play like that.

  2. @extreme244 yeah i mean it must of been sereal to sea such a idol live right there infront of you. but this was the brazil we love not the one now that have only 2 or 3 good players left. even though im a brazil supporter i really want this brazil back. oh and check out my other videos at my account

  3. What a team Ronaldo and Rivaldo up front and Ronaldinho just behind with Cafu and Roberto Carlos bombing down the wings. We were beaten by the best.

  4. the perfect goal..Arguably the most complete goal you will ever see..textbook stuff…from the way the ball is kept in play by the defenders, to the way possession is recycled by the holding midfielder, to the way playmaker dribbled past the defender, and makes the intricately precise pass, to the cold clinical finish by the striker……this is football… Que bonito é Brasil

  5. The three Rs Rivaldo Ronaldo Ronaldinho that team was so good.. Beckham jumping out of a tackle to protect his ankle

  6. Broke my heart as a kid but no shame on losing to that brazil side now a days we are knocked out in the group stage lmao

  7. Ha haha haha haha haha, sorry England! Brasil is Brasil we never lose unless Brasil is paid to lose??

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