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Goldstone Report Swastika’s in Lebanon. Germany not amused. –… 3 hours ago from Elder of Ziyon – Comment – Like My apologies for not mentioning this earlier. It was all over the Lebanese blogs and I simply missed it before. Before the FIFA World Cup started in June 2010, a German flag with a swastika was seen on a house in Bteghrine, Lebanon (Germany prompted the Lebanese authorities to take these flags and swastika’s down): Unfotunately it’s not just one incident. Another Lebanese blogger shows us this picture of a guy wearing a shirt with a swastika on July 3rd: and comments: “While having dinner at Napoletana in ABC Dbayyeh, a guy walked in wearing the Swastika symbol on his tshirt. If i were the manager, i would have definitly kicked him out of the restaurant. Surprisingly, he turned out to be friends with the manager who sat with him for a short while. Ignorance is indeed a virtue”A day later a Lebanese (?) blogger wrote the following: “One thing that really bothered me during the World Cup in 2006 was the occasional German flag with a swastika painted on it, mostly flown from passing… – Daled Amos

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Blog on: Swastika’s in Lebanon. Germany not amused.

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