World cup. Goal. Ozil. Germany - Ghana 1:0

Watch – World cup. Goal. Ozil. Germany – Ghana 1:0

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This FIFA World Cup 2006’s video is titled World cup. Goal. Ozil. Germany – Ghana 1:0 and credited to NickCh9595. Viewing time is 00:01:04, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @gudeude1 I´m not saying who he should play for, I just answered AryanNationAFG when he asked this stupid question " How the fuck is he turk when he plays for Germany? " That shows that there are less intelligent people out there.

  2. becuase his parents are turkish, his name is turkish, his surname is turkish and he of course doesn't look like a german at all

  3. This one one of my favorite goals of all world cup, I am huge germany fan and remembering going nuts and loving this! Love Germany( I am from Canada) but Im so excited for Euro's just got Ozil jersey for it too, Im pumped come on Germany, do what we did in World Cup but win it! Rematch of Euro 2008 but we will beat Spain!

  4. Nice to hear of a canadian "Elf" supporter. I just love your country, spent my second best travel ever over there.

    Best regards from germany 😉

  5. Ya man, Love Germany in soccer, football, fussball whatever you want to say, here it is called soccer but I like football as real name for it. Nice man ya Canada is a pretty nice country, lots good stuff, here where I live its ok not best scenery in part I live but still whatever. But wish I had the fussball teams like they do in europe, that be sick. I hope to travel to England and Germany and see stadiums and some football matches, can't wait! and nice to hear man 🙂

  6. Germany is the best don't worry. Horrible game vs Italy, didn't play well at all, but they would have had a brilliant game vs Spain. But I'm happy Torres and Mata scored in finals, that was nice to see as a Chelsea fan.

  7. this goal is very important goal in his career, it was big step on the way to big football career, I believe to you Mesut

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