USA vs Slovenia: The Goal That Wasn't - 2010 World Cup South Africa

Watch – USA vs Slovenia: The Goal That Wasn't – 2010 World Cup South Africa

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A good look at what the US goal against Slovenia that was called off was like, experienced from the stands.

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled USA vs Slovenia: The Goal That Wasn't – 2010 World Cup South Africa and credited to Brandon Yano. Viewing time is 00:00:17, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @ggreenfnms Actually the push off from dempsey was made before donovan's cross wich means the play had not started therefore no foul legitimate goal From a Mexican fan

  2. .Slovenia had like 5 guys bear hugging USA players…So I guess this is allowed in Soccer? Or is it just allowed when you play the USA?I have a feeling the USA team could score 5 goals and they'd all be disallowed and handed a red card for a phantom penalty.People wonder why this game isn't all that popular in NorthAmerica this is the reason.The rest of the world doesn't want to admit that the USA has caught up to alot of the teams worldwide and the only way left to win is to cheat

  3. Well USA did its best..atleast they weren't in a death zone with 7-0 teams, or facing Germany or Brazil…

  4. @Maxharddrive64 Yep. I'm sure poor officiating played no role at all, right? I mean theres ABSOULTELY NO WAY that he could've gotten the call wrong purely by bad decision making, right?

  5. @fischerfish Yea considering these are suppose to be the 'best' officials from around the world. This idiot looked as if it was his first game ever or had an agenda or an axe to grind or was definately biased. Which is it?…Too bad if the USA has caught up to the rest of the average teams around the world deal with it….

  6. @Maxharddrive64 Too bad we lost to Ghana completely fairly. Stop claiming bias, you make the rest us look insane.

  7. @fischerfishTheres no way you can sit there and intellegently explain to the casual fan… by the rules of soccer why this is not a goal. When they ask "…oh so when the ball is kicked you can reach in and BEAR HUG the other players thats legal in soccer?" Explain that …

  8. @Maxharddrive64 I'm not saying that this wasn't a goal. I believe it should've been counted as a goal. All I'm saying is that it had no effect on the USA's placing really. We came in first for Group C anyway and lost fairly to Ghana in the round of 16, so in the end, this is really stupid to dwell over.

  9. @patient451 unfortunately, refs are only human. please understand that i am not defending the ref – i am a usa fan all the way – but i do understand his actions. from his angle, he probably only saw the push from dempsey, and not the fouls from the slovenian players. besides, its not i foul you you foul me and we're even. whichever one the ref sees first is the one he calls. i'm sure that if the positions were reversed and it had been a disallowed slovenian goal, usa fans would not complain.

  10. @snake82730 we suck? we are at leat ranked in the top 25, we won the group, yall dint even advance, we beat spain in the confed cup, and we basically beat yall and you know it. so think again.

  11. Slovenia's worst football match in the wc. They never played so bad. USA was supposed to be a piece of cake for us.

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