Serbia vs Ghana 0-1 - FIFA World Cup 2010 - Goal - Gol - 13/06/2010 (Sévia 0x1 Gana)

Watch – Serbia vs Ghana 0-1 – FIFA World Cup 2010 – Goal – Gol – 13/06/2010 (Sévia 0x1 Gana)

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled Serbia vs Ghana 0-1 – FIFA World Cup 2010 – Goal – Gol – 13/06/2010 (Sévia 0x1 Gana) and credited to LetsFIFAXbox. Viewing time is 00:01:22, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @Shhh101production Don't be a sore loser. Ghana was AMAZING on the field and the score would have been even better if some of their kicks hadn't hit the goalpost. Ghana owned that field and they have a lot of supportive fans…what's the problem with that? As Nana said, don't hate. And we all know Serbia isn't going anywhere but back to their country so why even bother with your stupid rant?

  2. @inkstinxda2nd Both Ghana and serbia are great and underrated teams and have the potential to demolish germany.

  3. GG WP Ghana,all u haters talking dirt about Serbia it is not our fault u couldnt qualify for this tournament,hahaha

  4. It was not meant to be for Serbia…bad defending and gift by a talented basketball player..i'm so mad but not on players more mad at me coz i did put money on Serbia to win the match and to top the group..Once more i was an idiot for believing in them..Stop the hate u fools!

  5. Kakav fudbal,
    kakva Gana,
    oni juce sisli s grana,
    Srbija je nadigrana.
    Slomljena su orlu krila,
    nada nam se ugasila.
    Crna Gana, tesko nama,
    sta ce biti sa Svabama.

    Pesnik:Ilic Vasilije od Smberije

  6. @05tijana U see u can find a player in every house hold in ghana thats why we are so good. dark horses my ass. how can these serbians be dark horses. fergy got it wrong again.

  7. @SrSRB dude we all no the coach went softer on u serbians , cause if he hadnt it would have been a disgrace.i dnt blame the coach, he did his best to make it a draw since its his country but bloody serbian fool with handall spoilt the whole thing

  8. @nvidianie eh shut da fuk up u prik.. the couch aint dumb enough to lose his money.. plus the coach aint a player so wah can he do apart from provide advice to win.. shut up then u rasict prik.. wasteman.. ull just get slapped.. plus serbia did play better cumin to the end when they had 10 players and they had much more chances than ghana.. imma serb buh both teams played well.. my personal opinion is tht serbia played better buh dont get rasict

  9. @nvidianie "dude"i dont even know why did u reply on my comm.nothing to do with mine does it?and what r u trying to say that ghana didnt play to win???
    The truth is we played like it was a training mach.
    anyway i still belive coz i am big football fun and i know that we will give r best vs Germans…will see..have a nice day!

  10. Uvek sam govorio da idu klinci iz domace lige,i ako/kad puknu barem je lakse podneti nego ovi sto vrede milione a igraju uvek kao kurtoni!Nije mi jasno da toliko ljudi jede fudbal u Srbiji a nemamo nikakve rezultate
    bice bolje protiv…ko zna koga.

  11. @thaplayboy10 shut the fuck up
    U.S. is the most hated country in the world becuz of ppl like u
    go eat ur fucking macdonalds fatass

  12. samo se psujete daj te bre narode dosta toga pustite tu mrznju vishe nismo deca niti fashisti onda budimo malo civilizovani

  13. @cadencecaller It's not baseball or american football….you can't touch the ball with your hands.

  14. @IvanLeskovac e sad ce ivan iz leskovca da objasni hrvatima
    najdalje putovao do nisa
    i sad ce da se najebava majke od kuce

  15. @Hrvat1982 England – USA 1:1, England Croatia 1st match 4:1. 2nd 5:1? England raped you, with 9 goals in two matches? E, moji Hrvati, navijas ti za Srbiju nego glumis tu kao nekog velikog patriotu, smesno..

  16. g(h)anuti smo porazom srbije
    skontaj hahaha GHANUTI smo, rofl

    PS: ajd sad me vri?ajte da san ustaša jedino to i znate

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