Mexico 2  France 0 - Goal # 1 World Cup South Africa 2010 - Javier Hernandez

Watch – Mexico 2 France 0 – Goal # 1 World Cup South Africa 2010 – Javier Hernandez

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Mexico 2 France 0 – World Cup South Africa 2010 – Javier Hernandez.

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled Mexico 2 France 0 – Goal # 1 World Cup South Africa 2010 – Javier Hernandez and credited to Lcarolina29. Viewing time is 00:01:22, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. plz take off the musik
    i mean the vid is good but not with musik
    i want to hear the commantary and ppl scream gol !!!!

  2. Stop hating it's not that easy to score on the goalie 1v1………..even robben who's supposed to be one of the best couldn't score against Spain like that

  3. i'm french, and you know what ? i laughed when javier scored the goal ! i was like "in your face, domenech !". this day, i was impressed by mexico, and at the end of the match i was REALLY happy to see my fucking team humiliated.
    hopefully, the france is beginning to erase slowly this fucking past, 2 years of shit ( 06/2008 to 06/2010). Good luck, laurent blanc, and congratulations, javier !

  4. @diegocjilecruzado kinda hard to type perfect on a iPod touch..offsides**** Na I'm a Mexican

  5. in so many goals he's scored he always beats the offside trap …
    thats a great quality for the young mexican.

  6. cada gol del chicharoito es una mentada de madre para aguire por no meterlo mucho tienpo enel mundial

  7. Mexico beating france was a thank you from mexicans to irish after they gave us el batallon de san patricio

  8. k yo sepa m parece k mexico no le habia ganado a francia en los mundiales o algien m puede decir en k tiempo o cuanto tiempo tiene k mexico no le ganaba a francia

  9. looking at the guy raising his hand up saying "out of place" and just standing there hahahhaa and then BAM chicharito comes like a bullet

  10. Mis teorias eran
    que mexico golearia a Sudafrica 3- 0 Perderia contra francia 3 a 1 y le ganaria a Uruguay 2-1 pero no fue asi Le metieron la riata a los gallos!!

  11. @jcidelgado2007 haha bring back some whiskey for the celebration man I;m tired of cerveza and tequila from here!!!

  12. @Cuauhtli47 no Hes not u fuckn dumbass he turned back to see if the goal count and then he goes to celebrate.

  13. @elizabeth1995yeah Your idiot, black is his race, Mexican his nationality. And he isn't Brazilian, he's father is Brazilian, there's a big difference.

  14. @TheCrazy8800 They are less than 1% of the population. But dos Santos is a special case because he is the son of Brazilian professional footballer who played in Mexico.

  15. @elizabeth1995yeah You "corrected" someone saying that dos Santos is not black, arguing that he's "actually" Mexican. Which is the kind of comment that does not meet my tolerance level for comments on you tube.

  16. @GustavoCLa Being fussy the Dos Santos brothers are mixed, but yup, race and nationality aren't mutually exclusive.

  17. The French today are low-level athletes. They can not win or doped. Only Karim Benzema has quality. The rest are shit dry.


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