Luis Suarez - Amazing Goal vs S.Korea (World Cup 2010)

Watch – Luis Suarez – Amazing Goal vs S.Korea (World Cup 2010)

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Suarez is a hero to our country! VAMOS ARRIBA LA CELESTE!

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled Luis Suarez – Amazing Goal vs S.Korea (World Cup 2010) and credited to lfcuruguay19. Viewing time is 00:00:35, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. @HighlightsOfSoccer sure let futbol be soccer and football be football
    american football they don´t even touch the ball with there foots

  2. @9125undertaker actually in american football they do touch the ball with their foots when its a kickoff after the other team scores a point,

  3. @bballpsycho64 he is a liverpool player and if he ever does that for us against say united the guy would become the legends of legends

  4. @JmTV3 Hehe, He is damn good cheater that pushed you to write a comment and waste ur time to watch his goooool, GolaZZZZZOOOOO, Please write smth)

  5. @Koopatroopa01 gyan is hardly a failiure, I would love to see you score a penalty at the world cup under the pressure he was under. I support liverpool, but regardless of whether suarez did it for his country, it is still cheating, it was probably an instinctive reaction, but he should not have celebrated the way he did after his cheating paid off. He is an amazing player, but you cant justify cheating whatever the circumstances, you would hate a player if he did that against your team.

  6. @iamverycreative Not saying he's a legend for handballing the ball, he already was. Just saying that he committed a foul that any player would have committed in his position, not saying its good for the sport or anything, shit just happens.

  7. @Bobmunton1994 How was Suarez's hand cheating? As far as I know, they gave him a red card… it's on the game's rules. It's not cheating.
    CHEATING is not validating England's second goal against Germany. THAT'S cheating.

    But nevermind that. This was an amazing goal. He's barely looking at the goal, he just turns around and scores!

    Great player.

  8. @JmTV3 dont cry boy), france) it is you who cried, not me, I am aplaud to what this talented guy from Uruguay does! hehe, write also welcome to France)

  9. @Merceauroix If you intentionally break the rules it is cheating, regardless of whether you are punished or not. Though agreed it is an amazing goal.

  10. @Bobmunton1994 It's not the same to me, if it's a last second reaction. Do you really think he was thinking about stopping the ball with his hands?
    We might never agree, anyway.

  11. @Merceauroix For me it was the way he celebrated after it paid off, but lets agree to disagree 🙂

  12. @Bobmunton1994 You´re right I would, and I´m not saying it was not cheating, he just does everything to win and never give up. He played for Ajax when the club was not doing very well. We came to the stadium for Suarez, he just wants to win every game. And when the team is in dire need of a goal, he will force a goal in one way or another. And we loved him for it, 'cause at the end of the day, every one cares about results. Is it fair? Probably not, but what is fair in football these days anyway

  13. @Koopatroopa01 I respect suarez for his ability and his work rate, and I understand you're point about everyone caring about results, but I whenever I see Liverpool or England have won (having missed the match) Then watch the highlights and realise that we have had a really fortunate decision it takes some of the shine off the victory for me. I don't know about youthough, you are entitled to your opinion

  14. that's his point mate haha, if I'm not mistaken, he's saying that it was such a fantastic goal, it was fifa-esque.

  15. and no.. I am Korean but this was such an amazing goal. :-))) Maybe they are those who hate Suarez… Anyhow, congrats..

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