FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 Spain 1-0 Portugal Goal And  Full Highlights David Villa scores.

Watch – FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 Spain 1-0 Portugal Goal And Full Highlights David Villa scores.

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Highlights from the 1/8 final Spain vs. Portugal Spain have earned a quarterfinal berth with a 1-0 victory over their Iberian peninsula neighbours Portugal in …

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 Spain 1-0 Portugal Goal And Full Highlights David Villa scores. and credited to TheFootballStar123. Viewing time is 00:04:27, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. dude……u r absolutely know nothing about football. that wasn't lucky goal. look at the movement of the goal…………….dont write a comment that will make u looks like a clown.

  2. respect portugal, portugal win 4-0 in a friendly match against spain, Portugal never won anything here but will a clear offside

  3. should respect to portugal. But disgree with u, if u count on portugal based on their great performance, t beat spain 4-0. that only a friendly match.

  4. open ur mind wide, to be a champion, team should performance well at all matches in the tournement and a little luck with ur side, u can't count the failure of portugal coz only of the offside goal. that totally insanse. that football , always together with controversy. can't get away from controversy.

  5. u r fuckin insanse, dont know about football, only idiot person dont know about football that count a friendly matched. panthetic

  6. I know a lot about football, friendly or not , 4-0 means something. And it's not calling me an idiot or "panthetic" that will make you look better.

  7. Yeah yeah…. u don't know anything about football. You don't even know how to spell P-O-R-T-U-G-A-L. And Portugal just have lost so many games against Spain because the refirees of the games are stupid… see de David Villa's Goal… he is on a irregular position…
    Shut up and go learn a shit about football. And if you wanna know Spain had very luck when he played these two last times against Portugal….

  8. Um how would you know they didnt qualify for the wc 2014 if THE FUCKING QUALIFIERS ARENT DONE YET! Get you facts right

  9. I truly don't understand why people are saying Spain cheated. Villa was offsides, but how can they control that they're just taking advantage that the ref didn't catch it

  10. I think you are the one who needs glasses, watch it again. I mean if you know anything about this sport.

  11. Spain sucks dick the guy who gave the pass to David villa was offsides. Dafuq they suck they lucky the ref is in there side

  12. No wonder the Portuguese lost an Euro cup to Greece…
    Some of them count friendly games vs official ones.

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