England v USA World Cup 2010; the USA goal

Watch – England v USA World Cup 2010; the USA goal

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Here’s the goal scored by the US in the 2nd half versus England in 2010. The keeper fumbles it.

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled England v USA World Cup 2010; the USA goal and credited to portorikan. Viewing time is 00:01:47, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. I would be mad if I was from England because of the fact that the U.S. doesn't give a shit about soccer/football yet they tied England.

  2. @TheMeckMan it wasnt a shit goal but its one that should be an easy save for an international keeper. Hart would have save it and started a counter attack

  3. England is the Hub for the worst Football in the world. USA owns them like a little dog. Continue to embarrass your forefathers

  4. @GrittyShedStudio It may have been a howler, but that was not an own goal, get over yourself. And if it wasn't for a great save by Green against Altidore late in the game England would've have lost (again) to the US in a World Cup.

  5. Hey man best video you did it was awesome it gets even better (Snickering*****) No it doesn't ****(laughing even harder)

  6. po cara todo goleiro leva frango.ele agarra muito e não era reconhecido agora ficou marcado só esse frango aí.quem concorda da joinha.

    1986 short Diego Maradona outjumps tall Peter Shilton 2 score the hand of god goal
    1998 Dan Petrescu shoots & scores btwn David Seaman's legs
    2002 Seaman's bad positioning lets in a trial shot by Ronaldinho
    2006 Paul Robinson scores an own goal
    2010 Robert Green slips in a shot an oldwoman can save

  8. No every goal is not a mistake by the keeper. It was definitely a shite goal. It was a crap shot from outside the box and it was entirely the keeper's fault that it went in.

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