Cristiano Ronaldo Lucky World Cup Goal 2010 South Africa

Watch – Cristiano Ronaldo Lucky World Cup Goal 2010 South Africa

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This FIFA World Cup 2010’s video is titled Cristiano Ronaldo Lucky World Cup Goal 2010 South Africa and credited to 4uadverts. Viewing time is 00:00:20, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. sry to break it to all you who think he did this on purpose but it was 100% lucky..i have been able to do this trick since i was 12 and now im 18, so i know that when you do it the ball is supposed to stick on the neck and not bounce on the back of your head..if he was trying to do the trick he would have flatened his back and the ball would have stayed on his neck…just from the fact that the ball bounced twice on him you can tell it wasnt on purpose

  2. @nigastolemyyoshi1 hahaha….youre a fuckin moron arent you…just so you know at 16 i was playing for a team in the second category PROFESSIONAL division..but you can say anything you want dude…like i give a shit….oh! and btw ive won freestyle competitions and and participated in the brazilian FOOTBALL

  3. @chichoos07 dude first of all no one cares what you have done, second, he was moving pretty fast and tripping, it was well done…ps. hes way better than you…just sayin 😉

  4. @Sushibart the only reason i said all that stuff is because the other guy said i was lying in my first obviously hes much better than me ..hes a professional player that has been playing for years..i never said I was better..i said that he is extremely overrated..this is obvious when there are morons that believe he did this 'trick' on purpose

  5. @bolicata THAT was the LAMEST come back i have ever not even gonna try and prove my point, cuz you probably already know all the facts.

  6. @hardnikez its eezy 2 say but nt eezy 2 do…by d age of 18…ronaldo was in man-utd…u cud hv never e1 dreamt abt dat…he was transfered 2 real madrid 4 80million$….guess u dunno how much dat is worth…n now ronaldo is the most expensive player in da world…messi is gud…but i like ronaldo better..!

  7. ronaldo is a freaken cry baby even look it up ronaldihno know hes the best he wouldov done a reverse bycicle kick

  8. I'm pretty sure that this was against North Korea… Hence the Goalies name… and how they look… and their kit… and everything else… especially the flag on their shirts….. still, good goal mind. =D

  9. @MultiSasha9 thats no luck, its instinct and skill. he saw the ball going up, he just caught it with the back of his neck, like 1 of the tricks he usually does. all thats left is to flick it in front and apply the finish

  10. "lucky" goal? I replayed the main part of the video several times and it is obvious Ronaldo's football instinct is so great he instinctively caught the ball with his upper back and pushed it forward and then shot for the goal. This was NOT a LUCKY goal —- this was a result of this beast's football instincts.

  11. @ThisSucks274 if spanish people suck ball – then why did they win the world cup? If #1 sucks – then everyone else beneath us suck too.

  12. dude, what about Brazil, Netherlands, "Germany", they really will have to fight hard!!!

  13. O melhor golo do na carreira dele…Ele é do Portugal, não é da espanha para o Real Madrid, é a mesma coisa para Fábio Coentrão e o bebé Ricardo Carvalho, o jogador que saiu da equipa de Portugal…não tenho mais para dizer…Força Portugal Sempre!!!!

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