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Group of death in world cup history review: Each FIFA world cup, some teams were balloted to be in the group death. Today www.bwo888.com will guide you to review the groups of death in the passed world cup matches. Concern on www.bwo888.com, concern on the FIFA world cup, let us together to review the groups of death as following: 1958 | Group 4 | Brazil/USSR/England/Austria, The 1958 World Cup in Sweden witnessed the first true Group of Death, with three traditional soccer powers competing and the USSR and England, Brazil ultimately won the Cup and Austria, overmatched by the three titans of the group; 1966 | Group A | England/Uruguay/France/Mexico, This Group of Death was marked by low-scoring, slug-fest matches, as England and Uruguay moved on despite having scored only six goals between them in six matches, tied for the fewest by advancing first round teams since 1950; Author: sparkw Tags: FIFAworld cup football matches world group death groups history review South Africa 2010watch buy watches Posted: 19 June 2010 Rating: 0.0 Votes: 0


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Dailymotion Video on: FIFA World Cup Hisotry Review Groups of death

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