Michael Owen Goal: England Vs Argentina 30.06.1998

Watch – Michael Owen Goal: England Vs Argentina 30.06.1998

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Michael Owen’s goal for England against Argentina in the World Cup Finals 1998.

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This FIFA World Cup 1998’s video is titled Michael Owen Goal: England Vs Argentina 30.06.1998 and credited to Michael Owen Online. Viewing time is 00:00:24, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. Definetly for me because this was first football match that I´ve ever seen and after this goal a felt in love with this game.

  2. I'm sorry to see MIchael Owen retire! A great player and I remember that goal v Argentina! It was brilliant and electrified the country. It is a shame that injuries blighted his later seasons! A fantastic player!

  3. my favourite ever goal. pure class. best of luck Owen whatever you get involved in during your retirement

  4. As a goalie, I can tell you that the Argy goalie is partly to blame for letting that passed. His positioning was wrong and bcoz o that he started diving the wrong way.
    However, Owen is my 1st ever sporting hero, a beautiful player, and that goal was superb!

  5. Greatest Goal of the Greatest Half in World Cup History.

    (Until that giraffe-necked cunt from Denmark ruined it by giving Beckham a red for nothing, and the lilly-livered England fans subsequently took the ref's side like the shit-eating mongrels that they are.)

    Thanks, Owen.

  6. Que golaço de Michael Owen que foi melhor jogador até aos 25 anos e depois veio a desilusão com muitas lesoes que ficou com a carreira estragada.

  7. I still remember getting up at 4am during the dead of winter here in Melbourne Australia to watch this match. As a proud English fan I absolutely screamed the house down when Owen scored this magnificent beautiful goal.
    Shame that two hours later I would be in tears crying tears of hurt. I truly believed we had the side to win France 98.
    This loss hurt for a long long time!
    The best English squad we've had in years!

  8. why is this goal considered as legendary? All he did was just run in a straight line. Good finish , but zero skill used. Ben arfa s goal v Blackburn was better.

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