Escobar's Own Goal 3/6

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in 1994 FIFA World Cup USA

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Medellin, the violent hub of Colombia’s narcotics trade, was home to footballer Andrés Escobar, who was killed after scoring an …

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This FIFA World Cup 1994’s video is titled Escobar's Own Goal 3/6 and credited to WOODDDDDDDYASOCCER2. Viewing time is 00:10:34, enjoy our fellow FIFA World Cup fans!


  1. i am from medellin, colombia. El barrio Florencia. and i lived there for 10 year aver since i was born, at the age of 10 i came to Florida do to the bad violence. but last year when i wen to clombia,at the age of 16, it was much better evtything is much calm…it became a great city to live in.

  2. @LuiZ5418 hey do you know why andres escobar WASNT on the team when they beat argentina 5-0 to qualify for the world cup?

  3. it's is important to say that people don't answer to him not because "details of deaths are unnimportant"… the thing is that they can't say it so easy and less when they are filiming. sorry for bad enlgish

  4. he was out cuz an injury on his need witch include a surgery tha sit him out for about a year in that period

  5. I hope it doesnt happen to colombia in 2014.. its been awhile for colomboa not making it to the world cup

  6. Thankfully, the Colombia we see today is vastly different to the one ruled by narcos in the 80's and 90's. There are still problems of course but its a lot safer these days and is a fantastic place to visit. 

  7. horrible situation to be in,,,i think he would have gotten killed even at a later time if it wasnt done when it was

  8. you think that reporter has figured out yet that the real reason the people talking about them shootings keep saying 'who knows who shoot them…' is the fact that they are scared of getting wacked of course shit obvious lol the woman was convincing as well .. and not so much of ' the reasons seem un-important…' ..wot a cool little dude talking about that.. and it was his MOTHER who got killed ..u could see the reporter obviously feel sorry for him as you would be.

  9. Think I understand what REALLY happened now…. actually killing a player well there had never been another player killed or maybe no other player HAS been killed and there has ALWAYS been gambling on football and world cups.. And considering how important the World cup was to the host nation America; Columbia's opponents. Them Trying to get an interest, foundation, and attention for America. There would have been extremely large temptations regarding financial rewards for internal interference's to sway and shape a game…maybe esccobar wasn't alone.. looking at that lame pass n clearly weakly blamed it on the sun in his eyes… . MAYBE someone or some people believed he did that on purpose.. and maybe he did maybe he didnt…

  10. No soy colombiano pero se mucho sibre eso aya lo que pasaba se escuchaba aaca en panamà aya por esas comunas murioron muchas personas desde los años 80 hasta el sol de hoy 2018 la violencia en esas comunas no sesan y es un hermoso país que e visitado me.encanta su cultura su gente su comida su clima pero por la violencia de parte de todo de gerrillas sicarios grupos paramilitres de parte de todo ese problema que.habia sobre el cartel de medellin y el gobierno por la extradicion han sido de mal comentar a nivel mundial pero ay que seguir y tratar de darle una cara diferente a colombia es lindo país del cual yo quede enamorado Dios me los Bendiga

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